Haskell Indian Nations University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Since this University only accepts Native American students who are federally recognized by an Indian Tribe should attend this school. Students who lack financial support should also attend this school because the tution is affordable. If your friendly, open to other cultures, and outgoing this college is right for you.


Haskell Indian Nations University is an extremely unique school because of the fact that all of the students are Native American and Alaska Native. Haskell is a culturally diverse school, and it offers its students much insight into studies related to Native Americans. However, a Haskell student will receive the same degree as any other university student. Haskell is an amazing school, and I strongly encourage young native people to come to Haskell and make a better life for themselves.


A student that isn't racially biased or culturally insensitive should attend Haskell.