Hawaii Pacific University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Hawaii Pacific University, like any other school, has it's flaws. In my opinion the worst trait this college brings to the table is the area in which it's located. The University is divided into two sections, one in the city of Honolulu and the other on the rural side of the island, Kaneohe. The problem lies in city of Honolulu at the school's downtown campus where there is a large homeless population. These homeless people sometimes interact with the student population, yet the university has taken measures to prevent this by hiring security guards to keep peace.


I would not consider anything bad about the school I attend. I honestly believe that the school has been a blessing to me. It has given me an oppurtunity that other schools in Hawaii has not given me. Although the campus may not have the best features there is no reason for me to judge the appearance and compare it to any other school. This school given me a chance to help me achieve my goals to finish my degree.


The worst part about my school is the location because the campus downtown is full of homeless people who tend to pick on you sometimes which is slightly scary. Although I dont mind being around homeless people, I dont like the fact that it makes me feel uncomfortable when I some yelling at me because they think that I believe Im better then them just because I am attending school which is not true. I treat everyone with respect no matter who you are.


The worst thing about HPU, (as ironic as this may sound), is the location! Moving to Hawaii for college does sound pretty awesome, but you have to take into account how much you will be giving up. Considering that the closest state to you will be 3,000 miles away over water, you have to be very independent and stable within yourself to transition smoothly. The people are different, the food is different, the language is different, even the banks are different! The worst thing about Hawaii Pacific is the transition you have to go through when you get there.


The worst thing about Hawaii Pacific University is that it does not have a main campus. Hawaii Pacific University has two "campus." The campus that is situatued in downtown does not have a closed campus. The "campus" would be different building and floors around a part of downtown. For example one of your classes could be in a building that is a company but a few floors is owned by HPU.


There is nothing I have against this school other than it was not my first choice to attend


Hawaii Pacific University was a very diverse, multicultural university with flexible schedules offering a variety of programs administered by a pleasant and friendly staff and taught by experienced and talented (both academic and professional experience) instructors which extended my learning ability beyond the classroom.


It is a very small school, which can sometimes make a student feel isolated. It is also extremely expensive to attend.


My school offers a unique blend of people and culture in its classes and evironment. Offering classes to accomidate working individuals, military, and non-native speakers. The issue is that my class does not offer many required upper-level classes at times when normal full-time student athletes can attend them. Im being forced to not pursue a job or internship during the semester as a result of this. This puts extra financial stress on many of the students who have to complete activities to retain scholarships.


The worst thing about Hawaii Pacific University is that it is hard to contact professors on a daily basis for help. There are a lot of students and its hard to manage an appointment to meet with them.


The worst thing about my school is that it is devided into two campuses. One campus is in Honolulu and the other campus is on the northern side of the island. Sometimes you will have to take classes on both campuses in the same day. It makes it hard to schedule classes because you have to take the travel time between campuses into consideration. This makes it difficult when you have a job as well because some employers aren't as flexible as others.


The worst thing about my school is the administration. There are some positions that are not filled yet and paper work has not been done on a timely manner.


If I could change something about HPU, it would be the campus life. We don't really have much of a campus and it bothers me sometimes. I would also like for there to only be one campus, instead of one in Honolulu and one in Kaneohe for the science majors. It would just be much easier for the science majors if we didn't have to travel to the other side of the island for every class.


My school is still really small so the social scene is close to non existant.


The worst thing about HPU is its campus, and directly related to that, its school spirit. HPU is actually split into two campuses, which are about 20 miles away from each other. The downtown Honolulu campus is the larger of the two, but its classrooms are spread throughout the buildings of the business district. This lack of a centralized location leads to very few campus activities.


For the Marine Biology program, it would be the lack of internship opportunities. Students might graduate, never having any prior experience in thier field. Some of this is base on personal incentive, but HPU needs to cater especially to students new to Hawaii.


It's in Downtown Honolulu and there are bums on campus


I believe the worst thing in school would be the parking situation and tuition. There is not really enough parking in our windward campus and the price of parking is ridiculous. As for the tuition, it has been increasing since I have started and it is really expensive to attend this college.