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Describe the students at your school.


For such a small college town, UM has a very diverse population of students and faculty. Whether you're throwing a Frisbee with your buddies on the Oval, touring the Hall of Champions, or concocting potions in a lab on a Friday night, you'll find someone to fit in with here! Student's tend to find their groups and stick with them; which is OK. Students here take school seriously, but not too seriously. We work hard, and play harder.


Missoula students are liberal, progressive, and very community oriented. Students here work hard in and outside of school and are a tight knit group. Missoula is a college town and the community as a whole love the student body.


I don't believe that there is any student that would feel out of place at montana. The more unique and interesting you are the more people are going to be curious and want to get to know you. Montana is a very welcoming place.


I don't believe that there is any student that would feel out of place at montana. The more unique and interesting you are the more people are going to be curious and want to get to know you. Montana is a very welcoming place.


all i can say is wear what you want, say what you want, talk to whoever you feel like. we've got the locals that may be dirt broke (or maybe not) to wealthy, well to do people. most everybody that comes here seems pretty laid back (until finals anyways). missoula is a big blue dot in the middle of a big red state. we see everybody from barack and hillary to bush and cheney. far left to far right - we get it all out hear and it works to keep everything pollitically interesting. the students here really are no different than the students anywhere else and any public university and every year we always seem to get a good variety of freshman. we also have a huge international exchange program; lots of variety.


Diverse, from a strong liberal arts college to a business school to medical related fields and of course you can't forget forestry and conservation.


The UM student body is enormous and so diverse! You will find almost every race and religion on the campus which is a wonderful and educating adventure. I don't think any student would feel out of place at Montana. Everyone has friends and people are always connecting with others. It's so easy to meet new and exciting people. Students wear all kinds of different clothing to class. Some dress up in skirts and heels, while some even wear their pajamas. It's wonderful to be able to express how you feel that day and look how you want to. UM students are politically aware and tend to be predominantly left. I am a right wing student, however, and there are many others as well. Most Montana students are from the state of Montana, Alaska and a scattering of different states from the east and west coast.


i am native american and i have not felt out of place. native americans are actually helped a lot through college which i think is an amazinng thing for our culture. there is no clicks in college whether they be social or based on an economic status. students mostly wear sweatpants unless you were one to care about your appearance. the students at the university are very aware of their political background as well as sexual orientation. as a student you are constantly thinking of the future but that goes for every college.


nobody likes the cats. GO GRIZ! as for the international perspective, the student body is EXTREMELY diverse. there are people from all walks of life. most people seem to be very laid back and friendly.. it's kind of a "montana thing".. at least, from what i've experienced.


You'd feel out of place in Montana if you either don't like football (GO GRIZ) or you don't like micro-brews. There are four tables in the dining hall: one table is wearing business attire, talking about their job, and the next country concert. The next is in sweats with a Grizcard around their neck. They're going to the gym next, then to the Iron Horse for dinner. The next is in jeans, with some colorful accesories, stereotypically emo, punk, BLOTG, or alternative. They're pretty friendly and can't wait for the next LAMBDA dance or Wilma concert. The last table wears jeans and a help or tie-dye t-shirt. They carry a beat up frisbee and will be riding their bikes after lunch... to get across town. Each of these tables will recognize eachother, and some hang out.


Montana may not be the most diverse campus in the nation, but it must be one of the most accepting. People from all walks of life come to school here and are embraced with open arms. There is Greek life, but not much. Several sororities and fraternities make up the Greek system but unless you actively get involved, you probably won't hear much from them aside from the twice-yearly Greek rush.


The people in Montana aren't exactly ethnically diverse, but the kind of people you find there are incredibly different. It is in the culture of Missoula to be different, and march to your own drum. It's a city full of weirdos, but thats what makes it so great!


A lot of Hippies.....


Montana's student body is varied. With the programs that are offered, you can find someone in an Environmental program talking to someone who is in Law School. And because of the vast programs that are offered at the school, we have a vast variety of ideas, and political opinions. The students enjoy the political aspect, we just at Presidential hopeful Barack Obama hold a town hall meeting at our field house. But this shouldn’t worry those who do not have a political interest, politics isn’t a main topic at the school


Well the NASA set up a tipi for a day and it got trashed. That really hurt because they are expensive and they represent someones lodge. Being the minority means that no matter where I go to school (university or SoBA) I was always looked at. I am confident and love to share my experiences but instead people close doors in my face and hollered by ignorant young students. They feel that I can't be proud to be Mexican and American. Well I am. I will fight racism for as long as I draw breath. Its wrong and keeps us in the past we need to be focusing on our future. Mostly there are alot opf white people but then you see Asians, Middle Easterners, Hispanics(US Govt label), American Indians, even Black students.


The people here are awesome! First thing I noticed was how everyone I walked past smiled at me, and how everyone opens the door for eachother. There is a easy going, laid back, friendliness that just oozes out of this town and University. There is every kind of person imaginable and I truely thing anyone could find their own little niche or group here.


Montana's student body is eclectic to say the least. To say the most, it is all inclusive. There are not really labels here, just actions. In my experience as a Resident Assistant I have seen a wide swath of students enter and leave the University. The students that stay past their freshman year are the students that are able to set differences aside and just look at the University community as something that is and always will be eclectic and ever-changing. In other words, Montana students either learn to put up with the differences in other students or they get out. Now, more about statistics; UM is predominately made up of white hippies and 'granolas'. It is not uncommon to see the many bike racks loaded to the brim with recycled bikes with stickers warning you about global warming and the negative effects of conformity. This ideology of UM students is shared in part by all, because after all, Missoula and UM both pay close attention to how 'green' things are.


I'm not going to lie, Montana in general is not very ethnically diverse. Most of the population is made up of the white middle class, but if you are from any other origin, you are welcomed here. I have heard very little about hate crimes or racism. Just because we don't have a lot of diversity doesn't mean we are racist. The school seems to really emphasize being open minded and accepting all kinds of people. I've only been here two years but I've already taking Islamic Civilization, Sociology, Anthropology, Indigineous Worldview Perspective and Interpersonal communication- all of which focused on anti-racism.


The school is composed of almost all white kids. There are a few blacks, hispanics, and a good number of native americans. UM has an excellent exchange program, so there are a good number of students from all around the world. I have friends from Saudi Arabia, for example. A good number of Saudis here. As far as interests go, there are a good portion of progressive and left wing students. There is a lot of activism, and the students are very socially and politically aware.Not really hippies, but there are a few of that type. Lots of stoners here, and I mean lots. OF course there are the yuppies. The football team is huge here, so fall weekends mean lots of drinking and partying for those interested in football. A lot of the out of state people are fairly wealthy, while there are many middle class locals. All of the groups get along well, though the liberal arts and business students don't often have much to discuss.


As a member of the Japanese Student Association, I have had a lot of experience interacting with Japanese exchange students at UM and international students as well. Joining an organization is a great way to meet new people, make friends, and learn about another culture. There is also the Peer Assistant Program which UM students can sign up for to help a foreign exchange student adjust to life in Montana. Overall, I think that students at UM are very friendly and open to meeting new people.


UM is a somewhat diverse campus for being in the north, but still predominantly white. There are many foreign exchange students from Korea/China/Japan as well as the Middle East. Central Asia contributes dozens of Russian speaking foreign exhange students each year as well. Many students are religious, many are not. There is a substantial gay community on campus, and most students tend to be pretty open minded and tolerant. A slim majority of UM students are MT born, with very large percentages from foreign countries and other states in the NW (primarily ID, OR, and WA). Probably less than five percent of American (non foreign exchange) students are from outside the Northwest, but those students do certainly exist and fit in, particularly those from New England. Most students come from middle class families or upper class ones so far as I know. So far as politics go, being a far-right conservative is rare, but Moderate Republicans, Moderate Democrats, Liberal Democrats, and especially Independents are common.


The student body at UM is incredibly diverse but in no way exclusive. Through classes and extracurricular activities, you meet a ton of people who you may not consider a "type" of person you would normally associate yourself with. No one would feel out of place at UM except maybe someone who is allergic to mountains and beautiful landscape. Everyone loves the school for different reasons and finds their own niche. There is literally every type of person imaginable at UM. The student body includes a significant number of students from Montana as well as the northwest. But as an east coast student, I don't find that to be a problem. There are also a vast amount of kids from the east as well as multiple foreign countries.


the student body at the university i have noticed is very diverse. there are so many people from so many different places. i dont think that they feel out of place here, the university and the commuity outside the university is very open and welcoming!


As for racial, religious, LGBT, etc there are a number of groups that support all of these different things. That is one of the greatest things about the Montana campus and that is the fact that it is very open to diversity. It is something we would be extremely proud of on campus. These groups are around and you can learn a lot about other people and different beliefs. We have one of the biggest exchange programs probably in the United States. We are the only University in the Western half of the United States to offer an Irish studies program as well as an Islam program. Any student would feel welcome at Montana. Missoula is a very diverse community. Clothing can be a bit silly actually. While those of us that have lived in Montana, most of us do not worry so much about fashion but comfort, and staying warm and dry in the winter months. There are of course always the girls that wear their mini skirts, leggings and high heels in the winter months, but these girls are very stupid and usually do not last long. You would never be made fun off for what you wear, but be prepared that it does get very cold in the winter months. This usually starts around October and doesn't warm up till the end of March, beginning of April. Most students are from Montana I would say, but we do have such a diverse population, that we have students from all over the world. Students at the University are very politically active. Like any college most would be predominantly left.


The students here on campus are just a mix of everyone. Its great. You will meet all types of different people in your classes and in your dorm. I like being on campus the first week of classes cause you can totally tell who is a freshmen cause they are the ones that are dressed up for classes. I love college cause I can go to class in sweats and a sweatshirt, and no one cares. I don't have to look pretty if I have an early class cause no one cares or really notices.


UM is actually more diverse that I expected. There are definitely a lot of students from Montana-- it's a remote state school, so what do you expect? But despite that there really are a significant amount of out-of-state students who come here for it's location, forestry program, environmental science program, and journalism program, among other things. In terms of ethnicities, coming from NYU where I think I was friends with one other white kid, it is not very diverse. The majority of the students are white, but there is actually a very large contingent of native american students here, which I think is pretty cool. There are a handful of black kids (many of whom are on the football and basketball teams) and some asian foreign exchange students as well. Political leanings are probably mostly to the left, Missoula being the liberal bastion of Montana. I think financially, the majority of the students come from middle-class backgrounds, although there are definitely kids from both financial extremes going to school here. There are a ton of clubs and student organizations for just about every reason you could imagine.


same as everywhere else...a little everything with a few more liberals


U of M is very big on equality!!!! Alot of students at the U of M are from Oregon, Washington, or Montatn. I'm actually from Indiana, so I didn't know anyone when I came here, but you quickly make friends because the students are so welcoming.


There is a lot of diversity on campus, since the university is international friendly. I've spent a large amount of time around the Japanese students so a lot of my experiences revolve around Japan and its culture. A student that would feel out of place at Montana would probably be someone from a big city, but I know there are some students from big cities that are attending, so it's kind of hard to say. Montana has a mix of both ends of the financial spectrum, but I think the middle class is the most prevalent. Of the students that are politically aware, I think they tend to lean more left, especially since Missoula itself is a more liberal city.


This is a very diverse campus so be prepared for protests and rallies. I think if you were ultra-conservative with no respect for left wing opinions, I think you would feel out of place here. Personally I always wear comfortable clothes to class like sweats, but a lot of times I look around and see girls dressed up and some people with their long boards and bike helmets....again very diverse.


All groups are welcome on campus. Since Montana is a liberal arts public university, there is a lot of diversity. Most students wear jeans and sweatshirts to class. Most Montana students are from Montana or the surrounding states. But, you would be suprised to see how many students are from California and Florida! Most students are very liberal.


Students make it fun to be part of clubs and organizations. Although classes are challenging clubs are a great way for some extracurricular activities.


A student who was use to going out to the clubs to have fun, or going out and doing anything might have a hard time. In Montana, you have to make your own fun. Most students wear jeans and T-shirts to class. Some just roll out of bed and go to class. As far as students interacting, usually the drama kids stick with the drama kids, but they branch out. A table in the dining hall (called the Food Zoo, here) usually comprises of a hodgepodge of different students. Most Montana students are from Montana, Idaho and Washington.


The great thing about Missoula is that it is such an open minded place. I feel that people here don't judge each other as strongly as in other places. There is such a variety of people that go to school here, I can't imagine it being any other way!


The Forestry Club is very much like a clique and is mainly run by elitist forestry students who believe they are socially accepting, but in fact exclude many who don't wear Carhartts every day of the week. I believe any student here can find a niche or group to enjoy, and if not should transfer quickly. 4 tables: 1) Hippies, tye-dye, talking and laughing; 2) Group of well-dressed young women, attractive, talking quickly about God knows what; 3) International Students doing homework; 4) Group fo Athletes, most likely basketball, not doing homework. Most students here are very liberal, as is with most public Universities.


I have had great experiences with so many groups on campus. I don't feel pressured to fit any one "norm" because it is a fairly diverse setting considering the geographic location. Personally I roll out of bed and throw sweats and a sweatshirt on about 4 out of the 5 days of the week and it really doesn't bother me. Most of the students I come in contact with are from Montana. There are tons of liberals and it is a very politically active environment.


We are one of the most relaxed campuses I've seen. Sweats and T-shirts all year long. Gotta love it! Nobody is judged. We have an extremely diverse campus.


I think that here at UM, just like anywhere, there will be social groups of people that are similar in race, religion, socio-economic status, etc. but also, people here at UM tend to accept others more based on what they're like. No one would feel out of place here at UM because there is every kind of person here at UM. Most students wear sweatpants and a t-shirt; it is quite casual. Most students from here at UM are from Montana but there seem to be a lot of out of staters. You see a vast array of all financial backgrounds that are represented here at UM. I think that at times students here at UM THINK they are politically aware but maybe aren't and then are in turn active about their political views. Kind of irritating most of the time. The ones that are active and protest etc. are predominantly leftists. Students most definitely talk about how much they plan on earning and most of the time it seems like they are blowing them out of proportion.


It's diverse economically and is very accepting and open, but the Montana student body is not ethnically diverse at all. I almost didn't come to this school because the percentages of non-caucasian students is so minute.


A climate of all inclusiveness abroads. I speak this to the shame of the University because this inevitably leads to the exclusion of voices that include common sense morality and justice and, especially, absolutes.


Recently there have been allegations of misconduct against LGBT and ethnic groups at Montana. The community does not want these occurances, true or not, to give a bad impression of the city. I am not sure anyone would feel left out of place. UM is really a mix of different groups and people, I am sure one could connect. Maybe if you were from a big city like New York, you would feel out of place. Most students wear jeans, you will see Carhartts a lot and warm outdoor clothing from REI or Patagonia. Different types of students do interact, that is the great thing about UM. It is a small enough campus that you have the opportunity to meet new people. I wouldn't be able to identify four tables of students, everyone is mixed and there is no dominant group of people. Montana students are from all over, but mostly MT and the Northwest. Financial backgrounds can differ, there are some wealthy, but few. Its mostly middle class. Students are politically aware and active. Activism is very present on campus. It is a liberal school, so UM leans towards the left. The College Republicans do get a good turnout though. No, I haven't heard students talk about how much they will earn in the future, doesn't seem to be an issue.