Hendrix College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Don't let others define your identity. Try new things, and discover who you are. It's better to find a few people with whom you can be best friends than to have a crowd of aquaintances. Have fun, but still try to be responsible with your school work. Really examine how you want to spend the rest of your life, and use what you find to help decide what to study.


Red brick buildings, pecan shells, trees, and flowers. It is easy to mix up buildings when you're learning your way around. Even though some buildings have been around since the early 1900s and others are only two or three years old, they've done a good job of making the architecture blend well and sometimes that means that buildings blend together as well. It's a pedestrian campus, with parking available around the border and footpaths made of cement or pecan shells between buildings. On the main part of campus, it should take less than ten minutes to get in between any two buildings. If you're coming from student apartments, it could take more like 15 minutes to get to class. It definitely helps to have all the academic buildings so close together, and the dorms are nearby as well. The only places where it might take longer to make it to a meeting are the art complex and the WAC (Wellness and Athletic Center) which have been added to the edge of campus fairly recently. I have a lot of favorite spots on campus. Anywhere outside is absolutely gorgeous in the spring, with the azaleas that wallpaper the campus. The Murphy House is my favorite building on campus, though. There is nothing better than snuggling up next to the fireplace and sipping on tea while working my way through books for class.


Hendrix is vibrant, fun, and amazing.


Hendrix is my home.


My school is small, challenging, and accepting of others.


Intellectual awakenings turn into occupational urges and moral necessities, and these awakenings occur as the mind bends in the classroom, huddled in a library corner, plotting research papers, and reflecting with the shared brains of your friends.


My school is wonderful. It is a dream come true, and I enjoy every day that I'm there.


A small liberal arts school with a huge sense of unity and self awareness that is extremely smart and challenging.


Hendrix College is a school with an extremely motivating and intellectual faculty, a caring and personable staff, but a student population whose self-righteousness and self-importance make this 'liberal' university rather close-minded.


A unique, liberal oasis in the conservative South that is rapidly undergoing changes to make it forgettable, and completely mediocre.