Hendrix College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The Hendrix student is excited and willing to learn and participate in class, wanting a tight-knit community with lots of campus-wide traditions, comfortable with frequent interaction with faculty and staff, and self-motivated in and out of the classroom. Hendrix College is always busy and students can always find something to do outside of the classroom, so it is important to learn how to balance social activities with academics as well as take advantage of the lectures and workshops offered around campus.


Anyone who would rather contemplate life and go on adventures rather than contemplate make up and go tanning should attend.


The kind of person that should attend this school must have self discipline, a strong acadimic background, a great personality, and open mind to all the diversity. This person should have great work eithic but can still find time to have fun. Anyone looking for a great, small liberal arts school with an immaculate campus needs to attend school here.


The person should want to be more than just a number. They should look at their college education as an important part of who they are. They should be open-minded and interested in a variety of things. Want to be in choir, chair of the Multicultural Development Committee, active in campus politics, attend a Shabbat service, perform in a theater production, play basketball, and fight malnutrition in Guatemala? You can! It doesn't matter what interests you have, Hendrix is a warm, encouraging community in which to express and pursue them.


I personally believe that anyone who has a good work ethic and is determined can excel and attend Hendrix.


An open minded person that is willing to put in the time and effort to excell in life.


Some one with a different look on the world. Some one who wants a liberal education with many opporunities. There are many campus events, both social and intelectual. All kinds of people attend Hendrix and everyone is very welcoming. It is quite the opposite of state schools. It has a unique program called Oddessey. In Oddessey, a person is given to be granted funding to do something they are interested in or that is associated with their major or minor, such as going to a buddhist temple, building houses in Africa or making a documentary.


Those who are looking for challenging academia, open-minded and tolerant people, and a place to discuss their opinions. It is a fairly alternative campus - one that has rejected fraternities in favor of unified social interaction. For this reason, most of our parties on campus are huge and include every social stratus. We work hard and party hard, talk a lot, laugh a lot, write a LOT. Hendrix is intellectually stimulating, friendly, and boasts a beautiful campus. There was no other college for me but this one.


Anyone who is serious about their education and is willing to put forth the effort necessary to properly research and understand whichever subject they are studying. It also helps if they're willing to socialize and be friendly to both the faculty and their fellow students.


Someone with an open mind should attend this school. Also, the norm on campus is to be very politically driven, although it's not by any means a requirement. Hendrix students tend to be artistically expressive, whether through performing or visual arts. All sexes, races, and ethnicities are welcome here!