Hendrix College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I think I had a very good idea of what this college would be like. It has met my expectations with the one exception mentioned above. Private school is just that, private.


I wish I had known that the school is less environmentally focused than they had advertized, and also that the school is becoming more sports orientated.


I wish I had known that the travel abroad opportunities that I had dreamed about were very pricey. I wish I had known that scholarship money was very hard to get. I wish I had realized that the rooms were really that small, and that I really do have lots of stuff. I wish I had known all of the friends I would make, I would not have been so worried. I wish I had known just how much I would love college life!


That you need a car if you want to go to church. They tend to be close to University of Central Arkansas' campus. About all the parties you can dress up for. (Ghost Roast, Jungle Boogie, SoCo 54, campus kitty week, etc.)


Students have a great support system, and it is okay to get stressed, as long as you take care of it. Do what you want. This is your education, and unless you embrace what you want to do in life you won't find happiness, and there are support structures to help you do this too. The college really wants you to succeed. It isn't a battle against the school. You should work with the school.


I wish I had known how important reading ahead and being prepared for class is instead of just showing up like in high school.