Herzing University-Madison Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are self-sufficient and busy. They are curious and kind to one another.


My classmates are very friendly to be around and we have fun with all the classes.


They are very involved and are open minded in the weekly discussions that we have every week and show that they are very respectful, courteous, professional, and seem to have a great willingness to learn and ambition .


My classmates are friendly, dedicated, and are always willing to help when a problem arrives.


Get to know your classmates in you degree related courses. They are often in the same program as you and thus you will take multiple classes together.


Tech savvy individuals with good taste in video games, music, and concepts for game creation.


The group of people I go to school with is very mixed. Everyone is very driven because they know what they want out of their schooling. The atmosphere is very diverse too. Whether it is people coming straight out of high school or folks that came back after working for some time. The ages range quite a lot. It brings a very neat dynamic as well because everybody has a different story to tell which makes learning that much more rewarding and it also helps you develop skills of your own from listening to others stories. It is very nice.


Career focused experienced individuals with a strong degree of drive for success.


Dedicated working adults with extremely varied backgrounds that all work very hard to better themselves and help one another.


My fellow classmates are very outgoing.


They are so nice and easy to work with. Very goal oriented and focused.