Herzing University-Madison Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Career focus


Herzing Universtiy is best known for job placement in the field of study. The job placement rate at Herzing is unbelieveable and people gernerally always get a job in the field they choose to study.


My school is best known for being the best online and hybrid school in the state of Wisconsin for adult learners.


Technology degrees.


I think they are well known for the chance to earn your degree quickly, and they are seen as being a flexible school. I think their IT department is popular.


Herzing University is best known for their online, in classroom, or both educational opportunities. They have almost every degree a normal university would have and they offer you alot to help you while you are attending school at Herzing. Herzing is also known for having students complete degrees in shorter amounts of time than a bigger university.


I would say the Criminal Justice program. I heard nothing but good things about students who have graduated from Herzing with their bachelor's in Criminal Justice there.


Career-focused, convenient care, education acceleration! They want to get you a job!


Herzing is known for being a career focused and driven college. As a college they work with adults and strive to find what they are good at and what their dreams are. From there they set up a goal and a plan to get you to your dream job. There is smaller class sizes with more hands on learning and teaching. All of the professors have worked in the field they teach in and have the first hand knowledge of the career that each student is working towards.


The school is best known for having fast programs, a bachelors degree can be aquired in three years instead of four, so you can get out into the real world faster.


Its Health Care classes I know is how they grabbed my attention and I cannot really say that I heard too many negetive comments on this school a lot of thing have been very positive and their academic team is very involved and has always answered all of my questions!


I would not say that my school is best known for but I like the way the curricula is selected relative to the major field of study. Apart from that, the instructors are knowledgeable and helpful.