Herzing University-Madison Top Questions

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My school allows for students to work while going to school.


The fact that I have the option and flexibility to take my classes online and on my own schedule OR to take them in an on-campus setting/classroom.


What's unique about Herzing University is the size of the classes and the campus. It's all in one building. You don't have to worry about walking in the snow or the heat for 15 minutes to get to class. The UW schools try to pride themselves on small classes but they're classes aren't nearly as small and as nice as the one's here at Herzing. You are quaranteed one on one time with your teacher and they are easy to contact. I love how easy it is to talk to the teachers.


It's an accellerated program and was easy to get in to with no waiting list.


Herzing allows you to complete your degree online for people who would otherwise have a tough time fitting going to class into their schedule.