Herzing University-Madison Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I would have to say the most frustrating thing about my school is all the passwords and logins we have to remember, but if thats the only thing that frustrates me while attending Herzing Universty i dont think i have the right to complain because i can simply right that stuff down on a sheet of paper to remember it!


I have not found anything frustrating about Herzing other than the Game Programming II class just because I had trouble understanding it.


The most frustrating thing about this school is how much it costs.


They only like you to use ebooks. And if you would like the textbook, you have to make a lot of calls to people to try and get the hard copy. There also seems to be a lot of attitude towards the students that do try to get the textbook. My other frustration is the size of campus along with the lack of amenities. There are only vending machines and there is really no place for multiple students to go to work together.


The most frustrating thing about the school is the multitude of logins that are used to access various applications. One each for their network, into Blackboard, CareerCouncil (sp), portal to pay tuition and I believe there may be one more. I would like to see this all in one place where our credentials are passed to the various applications.


The most frusterating thing about Herzing University is that it is so far from my house. I drive just about an hour one way to attend school there. They have a East Campus and a West campus in Madioson but only offer the Nursing classes I need at the East campus, giving me a lot of travel time each day.


There isn't really anything frustrating about Herzing. I love how its a smaller school so it is easy to get one on one time with teachers if you want help. All the Staff is really friendly and helpful too.


The best thing is also the most frustrating thing about it. The small school size really does force an individual to look for social outings outside of the school, but it is great for learning and one on one time with professors.


I think that the most frusterating part is registration. I always feel like they are a little behind and dont send out registration paperwork till the week or a few days before it is due. That would be what frusterats me the most.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the inconsistancy among the instructors and their lesson plans. I think it is difficult to know the expectations of the course when they change during the term. For example, the course syllabus is handed out the first day of class each term. The syllabus will either contain information that is never relevent, like assignments that are due, but never assigned, or grading requirements that are never held up. Additionally, the syllabus may state an assignment with one set of requirements, but then the instructor explains something completely different. This is very frustrating.