Herzing University-Madison Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That I really wnated to get my HR degree and not a BA


I wish I would have known how much school would cost. I never truly knew how much debt a student takes on just to be successful later on with a good degree. I wish I would have known about this school a year earlier so I could have saved the money I put into a community college and jumped right into my program.


I wish I would have known exactly which degree program was best suited for me in the begining. I would have graduated by now. I arrived at Herzing with my AAS degree in Computer Systems Administration and I thought that taking a Bachelors degree program in IT would help, But it was far too stressful and fast paced. I learned that my IT skills fit very well with Graphic Design, so I switched my degree program with ease into the Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design. It is a much easier and relaxed program to learn.Thank You so much!.


I enjoy Herzing very much but only wish there was one thing I was aware of before hand. My main thing I wish I would have known is that I do not get to pick the elective courses that I take. In addition, the study abroad program was not as good as I was hoping for.


I wish I had known how much work really goes into completing a degree by taking online classes. It's convienent yet you need a lot of motivation and time to complete assignments!