High Point University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


High Point University is best known for its beautiful campus. This university puts its students first and makes their campus feel like more than a school—it feels like a home, a community. Everyone member of our community makes you feel welcome and happy to be a part of High Point! Coming from a small, private high school, where I got many opportunites to lead and express myself, I am drawn to universities that give me the chance to be part of something extraordinary! High Point University is that "something extraordinary."


Highpoint can be recognized as a school with top dining and undergraduate teaching. But the true reason why HPU is known throughout the US is for its incredible campus that includes pools, hottubs, a steakhouse, and amazingly decorated statues that fill the gated community. It would be very difficult to find another college that has had most of its biuldings biult post 2005.


Education and Interior Design Program


My school is best known for our interior design program, communications program, and our amazing president.


Our school is best known as an up and coming school that is getting increasingly more difficult to get into as the academics of the school improve and more people hear about the school rapidly improving. The University has also completely renovated the campus so that almost every buiding is only a few years old.


Seeming more like a country club than an actual university? High Point is not very well known, but for those who have heard of it they have this misinterpretation that it is more of a fun spot than an academic institution. In reality, HPU should be known for the amazing advances it has made as a campus and on the community as a whole. Coursework here is very rigorous, it is just balanced extremely well with a fun and extraoridinary atmosphere.


High Point University is known for the friendly, inviting and fun campus it offers. The dorms are amazing, and require students to live on campus for three years. This makes a great community on campus! Academics is important as well, but you are SURE to make a lot of friends here :)


The beautiful campus and acommadations.


Our school is well known for its improvements on campus over the past decade.


The president Dr. Nido Qubein and its recent growth.


Interior Design, Information Security and Privacy


Our school is best known for it's 'day-spa resort' type of feel. I feel like we really don't need all these luxuries. Tuition is getting to be too expensive for my family (33 000 a year), so that's why I'm applying for a scholarship. Otherwise I'll have to transfer or drop out, neither of which I want to do, because the friends I have here I love dearly.


A spectacular campus and housing.


Nido Quebein, $40 Million in donations, construction, water fountains, mirrors