High Point University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is willing to work hard in class.


People who like smaller schools and small class sizes would be perfect here. If you like the familar, community feel, than this is the school for you. The University supplies many of the resources and things that a student needs and takes very good care of you. If you need help with tutoring, disability, than you should definately come here because the support system is excellent.


A person who wants to strive to do well in their classes. Also a person who wants to meet a lot of new friends and be in a fun and wonderful environment. A person who wants to learn life lessons from the well reknown Dr. Nido Quebin, who has helped a lot of students who have come here.


Many students here love the beauty of the campus and the atmosphere that you feel when you take the first tour. Our campus is a five-star country club and it attracts all types of students. It is a very small campus with 3,000 students, so students that prefer more attention in the classroom. Also, it is almost impossible not to know everyone on campus because everyone is very outgoing and always doing something exciting.


High Point University is suitable for anybody. It is small and beautiful with good academics and amazing amenities. I would say that students who place a high priority on the comforts of life should come to High Point because the main focus on campus is the comfort and convenience of students. It has been nick named "The Country Club" by High Point residents. The rigor of classes would suit any caliber of student because there is a lot of variety in the type of professors and there are numerous opportunities academic and culteral enrichment.


A student that can be comfortable with conservative christian values, even if they do not match their own. Someone who can be academically focoused and ok with being alone sometimes, but not all of the time.


Someone who likes the luxuries in life but is also willing to work hard.


All kinds of people! This school is very diverse and there are people from all over the world who attend!


Spirited, Energetic, Hard-Worker, Easy Going


upper-middle class. relatively preppy with goals of being successful in their chosen field.


An individual who ikes a small school with a family oriented atmosphere.


Someone who doesn't want to just be another number!


The school was excellent. I think anyone looking for a place where the professors are willing to be as involved as you need them to be, the students are all pretty close knit, the campus is GORGEOUS, and there is always something interesting going on with tons of opportunities to get involved should attend this school. I'd go back if I could!


Someone who has their head on their shoulders and knows who they are


Someone looking for a small school and lots of personal attention. You rprofessors will know you so you can't just hide in the back of the class room especially since the back is only about 4 seats back!