High Point University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about High Point is definitely the limited quantity of tier 1 housing. As a middle class family, paying for tuition is hard enough. However, at HPU, there are only a couple of buildings that are offered at the basic tier 1 pricing, and these are, primarily, reserved for freshman students. The other tier 1 housing is off campus and you have to take a shuttle back and forth between your house and the campus. I would like to have the security of knowing that i have a dorm without paying extra for it.


I hate that my school costs so much to go to and that it's a cashless campus and that they also don't give you refund checks. Not being able to use cash is so frustrating.


The most frustrating thing was signing up for dorm rooms. Recently my university has accepted 1200 freshamn, the biggest class yet. And we are not a big school. SInce freshman get first pick for dorms it left the rest of us with a hard time being assigned for dorms for next semester. The presidnet had to by more places for dorms for us, but the problem is they are not on campus, which a lot of us do not like.


The thing I find the most frustrating about my university is the lack of true diversity. Although most races are represented in the university the percentages are very small. As an African American young woman I see many benefits to have diversity within the school . Different cultures bring about a richness to the environment that only improves socialzation. Were it my decision we would increase the numbers of various races in the university and do more to encourage other races to be apart of the admissions process.


The most frusterating thing about the school is that they do not assist in getting you internships, but they are in the process of working on this! The school takes all students suggestions very seriously, and will usually work to correct them immediately! It's hard to be frusterated by much!


If you are not happy with your advisor or feel he or she is not looking out for your best interest, switch immediately. I was very fortunate to have a great advisor. If money is not an issue to you, HPU is for you.


there is not alot to do and we dont have a football team


There is so much to do all the time it is hard to get to do it all. I am graduating in a year and I am active in many things but there is still so much more I want to do that I can fit in.


There are too many cliques at my school. That is what frustrates me.


The most frustrating thing is the distance from home


wasted money on some things


It is very difficult to afford High Point University. I am here only on scholarships and sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to return next year because I don't know if I can get enough money.




They say they want to help everyone but they really only cater to the freshman.


The most frustrating thing of the school is the overpromotion. Our president claims to give out more luxury items than we actually receive. Yes, our campus is beautiful, but there are just as many faults here as anywhere else, and the problems are not always taken care of. Furthermore, we are not given free food or water everyday as promised at the local kiosks, and as recently reported in Good Morning America, we are not given free iPhones. Our school is great, and everyone loves it, but our president is more interested in marketing than satisfying those who are here.