Hillsborough Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Affordable education for those preparing to attend 4 year colleges in the area.


There are many people in today's society who would like to better their living situation. These people are completely able to do so but all they need is some encouragment and guidance. HCC provides the path and encouragment that these people need. The student services building offers many resources for people who are willing to take the first step in expanding their knowledge. HCC's goal is to show people that anyone can go to college. If you cannot afford it, HCC has a financial aid office that is dedicated to finding money for your education.


The Hillsborough Community College has a good medical/clinical program selection, as well as different varieties of tech programs. The academic advising employees are very friendly and will answer any question you may have about your program. There is a wide diversity ethnic backgrounds from 100+ different nations. Teachers are always ready to help out a student, and they give you the education you paid for and more.


My school is best known for being a college style high school.


My school is most likely known for being ridiculously easy, all you have to do is basically show up and you will pass.


being the largest community college in the county that offers many programs


My School is known for small classes that offer hands on learning.


my school is best known for all the hard work the students put in to acheive the goals we have all set for ourselves. The teachers here really strive to do their jobs well and they make sure that you know the material you need to know so that you can be a productive individual.


Hillsborough Community College is best known the affordability of continuing your education in various, easy to access campuses with smaller, hands-on class work.


Hillsborough Community College is known for its outstanding honors program. It is a program that offers scholarships covering tuition as well as book costs and many opportunities that the average student would not have access to, such as an international trip to Greece.


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