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What are the academics like at your school?

My personal academic experience at Hillsborough Community College has been superb. Every professor I have had the pleasure to study under knows me by my first name and also knows much about my personal life, goals, and ambitions. I have had the privilege to take part in unique classes such as a Cultural Anthropology class which allowed me to produce my own ethnography, to a specialized history course "Witchcraft and Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe," a class with little lecture and which consisted of graduate level reading, writing, and discussion. Many of the students that I have taken these classes with regularly engage in intellectual conversations both with the professors and among their peers. Students are encouraged to and often succeed at expanding their horizons; they learn how to be open-minded and look at the world through a new pair of glasses. Any student who receives their two-year degree at HCC will not only meet transfer requirements at the transcript level, but will be properly prepared to engage in upper level coursework at the university level.

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At Hillsborough Community College, Professors know you by name, and you are not a number. My favorite class has been Early European History Honors. My least favorite has been English 2 Honors. Regular students tend to not participate, but Honor love to be engaged. HCC Honor Students love to have political, philosophical, and friendly conversations out side of class. The honors institute have study lounges on every campus and Honor students love have intelectual discussion in there. The Honors student are trained to compete in the national level. Our professors come from prestigious universities ,and HCC Honors students get elevated to such level as Ivy league level of intellect. My intended major is Physics. HCC has different degrees for different purposes: transfer students, technical job, and certificates.

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