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Here it is: Many students check into Hillsdale and, because they've never been made to fathom the concept of a college ruled by SERIOUS students (not just brainless jocks) and the ideals of our nation's Founders...well, Hillsdale is a very sad, lonely place for them. MAKE SURE you have done your research. This is no diploma mill. There are big things in store at Hillsdale, and it has no time to waste on the "average" student. HOWEVER, I hope this is not an issue for you. To the shock of my colleagues and (most of) my family, I turned my back on the Ivy League to attend this institution. The college demands but two things: a love of all values good and American that Harvard, Yale, etc sell out for the almighty federal dollar......and a total willingness to learn these values and live them. Good luck.