Hofstra University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Radio Hofstra University saved my mind and soul while I was bogged down with uninteresting business classes. The creative environment allowed me to learn more about myself while having fun and honing professional skills within the organization's management opportunities. It was a blast. Everything I learned in college was at WRHU.


The best thing about Hofstra University is that it provides many places for student congregation - inside and outside. This includes the library, which is very inviting and therefore encourages study in those who like to be surrounded by other sedulous students for their knowledge cultivation environment. The campus greens on the south side of campus are also very conducive for a languid study session during the spring and early fall semester. Dining and lounge areas are ideal for hang-outs. Shuttle bus services also allow meet-ups in the city, which is an excellent place to experience.


One of the best things here is the Hofstra University Honors College. In HUHC I am challenged and better supported academically and many of the students develop a tight bond through our shared experiences. I love it!


I've had so many great experiences at Hofstra. It's hard to pick a single aspect as the best thing about the school. As a film student, I'm extremely satisfied with the film department and all the student clubs involving the major. There are also so many student organizations that deal with cultural, religious, or simply fun activities for students and they accommodate such a variety of interests. I also made so many friends and contacts from all over the world. Hofstra has such a friendly atmosphere that encourages students to meet people of different cultures and backgrounds.


The best thing about my school is the acedemic programs thst they provide. They have everything that you would want to study in.


I think the best thing about my school is the athletics. This is because they get students invloved in the pride and moral of the university. I play field hockey for Hofstra and I appreciate my teammates as much as I do our fans. It's a great feeling when you're nonathelic friends attend your games simply because they care and want to get involved. Hofstra's athletics are also great because they are strong competitors in their given conferences thus aiding in the excitement for the school with the sports' successes.


The thing I love best about Hofstra is how welcoming everyone is when they find out that you are a visitor to campus if you are a new student. Things can get kind of lonely first semester of school and just having the ability to walk up to almost anyone on campus and know that they don't mind spending a bit of their time to help you out is very comforting.


The best thing about Hofstra university is campus. The campus is interwoven and surrounded with trees and gardens. The paths to and from the buildings weave through the most beautiful folliage each season.


The best thing about Hofstra University is the environment and location of the school. This university's environment is very friendly and everyone feels welcome here. All of the teachers here are very willing to help the students learn in any way possible. In addition, the location of the school is very comvenient for a lot off the majors offered at this college. A lot of students are able to go into the city for pleasure or for work opportunities. These two factors are very important and appealing to the students at Hofstra University.


Certainly one of my favorite things about my school is it's location. When I was looking at different colleges, location was a big deal to me. I wanted to be close enough to my family that I could see them regularly, but not so close that it would seem as though I wasn't becoming independent of them. From my hometown of Philadelphia, Hofstra was the perfect distance. Also, in my major, Video/Television, connections and broadcast area are very imoprtant to being succesful. The school's proximity to New York City was perfect for me.


That it's not a research-focused school. You dont feel pressured to do anything besides your regular classwork.


The Faculty.


There are a lot of opportunities and over 140 majors so finding yourself is achievable.


The diversity. It is very nice to know people from around the world come to Hofstra to study. Plus we are just a train ride away from NYC.


It is conveniently located to my home and my daughter's daycare center. I have also take a couple classes with very good teachers who make their subjects very interesting. They seem dedicated to making sure that students understand the subject matter and do well.


The best thing about my school is that we are given all of the tools needed to reach our goals. From professors to advisors to the career center, the staff does everything possible to help students.


The best thing about this school is its location. The school is close enough to the city but in a perfect area. It is close to my home so I am not obligated to be trapped in school. If i want to go home, I have the opportunity.


It's location. It is not to far from the city or my home.


the people.


The best thing about Hofstra University is definitely the school of communications, specifically, the journalism department. The program is very career oriented and offers a variety of courses depending on what each students goal for the future is. The faculty is extremely knowledgable. The program takes seriously the importance of offering both courses about basic journalism skills in terms of writing, but also journalism skills in terms of technology so that student will be best prepared for a career in an industry that is constantly changing.


Hofstra University gives students the opportunity to create social and professional networks that can last a lifetime.


it's beautiful and in a really great location, near the city but its own campus. it has a lot of fun and exciting things going on, and is really great for my major


This isn't a really big, traditional school. Being that it is smaller than most schools on the national level, it is always striving to improve. They have a law school, business school, and offers great opportunities for all students. They have also started building a Medical School and is doing its best to improve and make itself one of the top universities nationally.


diversity in programs


the diversity. when you attend this school you really feel how open everyone is about race religion and all those things that make us unique. its strange actually, its like just being here makes you a better more understanding person.


The BEST thing about Hofstra is the expertise level of the faculty. They are all very well distinguished members of their field, many being world-reknown for their work.


The programs offered here and the campus


Its on Long Island


The atmosphere is very welcoming. The campus looks beautiful all year long.


Its proximity to NYC


The best thing about Hofstra seems to be that there are really dedicated professors who genuienly love their careers and want to see their students succeed like they have. I am an Accounting major and Music minor, so I have a good look at both those who are striving for the "safe" careers and the "creative" careers. Either way, students and faculty are dedicated and really love what they do.

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