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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't put it off. I put off college after high school and now I'm 32 and trying to finish. I will finish though.


I would tell myself to really consider what I want in life prior to starting college. I switched my major four times in college. Though, I learned about a variety of things and subjects that I wouldn't have learned otherwise. I was born in the Dominican Republic and I moved to the United States just a year before starting college. I was not sure what career I wanted to pursue and I was not very excited about going to classes and having to learn everything in a different language. When I started college I did not appreciate what a big opportunity this was. I did not appreciate the importance of learning and taking advantage of my college experience. During my junior year, I decided to become active on campus and join different societies. I am currently the president of a club and vice president of two others. I can say that I never knew I was going to enjoy it so much. I feel happy every morning I wake up and have to spend my day at college. I will be graduating next year and I just wish I could have known better when I started my college journey.


If I were to go back to my high school self boy my number one advice would be to take high school seriously. Study more, participate in anything the school offers and volunteer. I really regret not taking that seriously. I would tell my high school self that money doesnt grow on trees and my family needs my help to support my tution. I would push my high school self to study more, I would have taken my SATs seriously and take classes for them. I would have told my high school self that high school is going to set me up for my future. My second advice would be to make friends. Friends is whats going to help you through your years in college. My third advice would be to get involved in college! college isnt free, take the oppertunity to go to trips and dances, participate in bake sales for fundraising. And the last thing I would tell my high school self is that, you only have one life to live, make it your best life, work hard and in the end your future will come.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself to get keep getting A's because they are going to be hard to get while your in college. I would also say that I made a good choice on what college I picked to go too, that even though its going to be tough in the future its not going to be impossble. What fun would college be without a challenge? I would also tell myself that its not as scary as teachers make it sound, the friends you make, are friends you will have for a lifetime. It will be the best time of your life.


I would go back and tell the high school senior me to don't fool around and goof off as much as I did back then. To really throw myself into my studies and actually apply myself to take college seriously. Not to put an extreme amount of pressure on myself though, as some people might advise. To stay focused but not to stress out completely because that would just put me on the other side of the rope and turn my back on school if I felt too overwhelmed. But most of all do not lose focus and get off track of furthering my education.


Amelia,I know what you think when you hear “community college”. You picture the thirteenth grade. You see yourself surrounded by lazy teenagers. You think homework will involve filling out multiplication tables and annotating Dr. Seuss. No way are you going to community college, right? You’re going to get a quality education, with a gilded diploma to prove it. You’re not, however, thinking of the cost of this diploma.You’re going to go to community college, and you’re going to love it. Your classes are going to be challenging. You’ll sit by twenty-one year old mothers who inspire you with their determination. You’ll learn biology is actually kind of interesting. You’ll make the Dean’s list. You’ll learn, you’ll grow, you’ll thrive, and two years later, after you’ve worked harder than you ever have in your life, you’ll apply for your dream school and get in. So don’t frown at that tiny little campus down the street. It is on that campus where you figure out what your dreams are. It’s where you discover who you’re meant to be. Good luck. Amelia


I would tell myself that everyone else is just as lost as you are. I set too high of expectations on myself to be able to transition with no problem to the college atmosphere and the difficult grading scale, but in reality it's not that easy. I thought I was the only one who was having a difficult time adjusting, but once I started to make friends in my classes, I found that they were facing some of the same troubles that I was. So the advice I would give myself and anyone else just starting college, is to not put so much pressure on yourself.


I would tell myself to not doubt myself and being in school for longer is not necessarily a bad thing. I went into college wanting to be a teacher. In 4 years I would be out and have all my holidays and summers off. Now I am in health care and have been in school almost as long as a doctor would be, with the same debt but not the same future income. I doubted myself that I could work in the hospital envitronment and deal with the compotition in health care. I was picked out a lot of students for a 22 spot program to complete my degree in radiology. I did it. If I would have followed my dream in the first place I would be out of school, with less debt, and starting the rest of my life. Follow your dreams and doubt yourself! Everything will work out with hard work and dedication.


I would tell myself to take everything one step at a time. When I entered college, I wanted to get the "full experience" so I jumped into everything all at once. I picked a major just to be declared, tryed out for sports teams, got a work study job, all of which left me stressed out and unhappy. If I could go back in time, I would definitely tell myself to begin as an undeclared major and explore my options before jumping in. I would also tell myself to try and ween myself from teenage life to adult life before college begins so that I wouldn't be thrown into the finances and the extreme differences between college and high school. This could be done by doing research on financial aid and financial options and getting in touch with current college students and asking how they helped themselves transtion from high school to college.


I would of told myself that I need to practice discipline. I think I am harder on myself than anyone could be. I believe discipline is necessary to reach the goals or dreams you have in mind and not just talking about where you want to be or do but actually doing it. Also, being extraverted and comfortable at networking and talking to people is very important.


Senior year of high school is an exciting time because as one chapter is coming to an end, another exciting chapter of college life is just about to be opened. Advice I would give myself would be to focus primarily on academics the first months of college. Joining school activites and such is a great way to make friends, but it is necessary to focus on academics and getting into the flow of school. It is also beneficial to pace myself and not cram for a test hours before because nothing is learned by cramming. By pacing and prioritizing, work can be completed little by little each day so that I am not overwhelmed. It is important to not focus on how many friends I have and what social activites to join, but to focus on academics and start my Holy Family career on the right path.


If I had to turned back time I would have went to Holy Famiy Unversity first instead of wasting 2 years at Bucks Community College to get my Associates degree first. It wasted much valuable time and I could have been done school and have started my career in Art Thearpy.


Going back in time Chelsea would be advised to speak with current students, alumni and parents of various colleges. She would value the guidance of her parents regarding her future. Chelsea would be guided through the various questions she had. Chelsea would be encouraged to utilize the school counselor in the process of choosing a college and course of study. Finally, Chelsea would be reassured that the future will be fine and there is always a new beginning.


I would tell myself to not take this experience for granted and not to underestimate the work load. This is a great and growing university which requires a lot of time to study and pay attention in school. I would tell myself to make sure to attend class and an extra curricular activities. Also, to be friendly and meet new people because the friends that you will meet here are life long friends.


I remember my days as a high school senior when I was younger and we were living in the mines. My mother used to admonish me to concentrate more on my education and less on diamonds. "Unlike diamonds, education will be with you till death," my mother used to tell me. I was preparing to go to college at the time but just then I thought it was a waste of time. "What was the essence of seeking so much education if you can get rich from diamonds," I said to my self. Whenever I get money from the sale of diamond, I would go to the night clubs, cinemas, or hang around with pretty girls. Not long however a civil war broke out in my country and, like a lot of other people, I became a refugee in the neighboring country after fleeing. Life really became hard for me in the camp because I did not even have my high school diploma. Those who were graduates or those who had their high school diploma had a better chance of survival. The importance of education actually dawned on me from then on. My mothers words kept coming back to me.


My high school self was a very hyper and happy go lucky person. If I were to travel back in time and talk to her I would find myself at a loss for words to express how to mature and grow into the person I need to be for college. The main advice I would attempt to drill into my younger self would be to work on my social skills so that I can converse with adults and not find myself inadequately prepared for it.


Do not slow your pace down because it is time accelerate and become more confident fore the future. Need to focus more, and be able to learn.


Listen to your teachers and college advisors. Take them seriously when they tell you how competitive and hard college is going to be. Develop good study habits now so you can be better prepared for the more difficult schedule of college learning. Learn to work with study partners because they really do help. Develop relationships with your teachers becausethey are someone you can always go to for help and advice. Finally I would tell myself to have more confidence in my learning capabilities and challenge myself with advanced classes.


The first advice I would give myself is to gather as much information as possible about all colleges and majors. Talk to people you know around you that went to different colleges and have experience with it. The most important thing is to sit and think what you want to do for the rest of your life that you will enjoy. Instead of focusing on just one college, many colleges or universities should be taken into consideration for more options and opportunities. Plan ahead to know which is a better way to go. Set your mind on something and stick to it till the end. I know that would've helped me for sure. I have changed my mind many times about what I wanted to do in life and where I want to go to school. That made things very complicated.


If I could go back and tell myself advice about college, there's only two things that I would tell myself. One thing is to be more focused on school work and not wait until last minute to do somethings no matter how easy the assignment can be. Although some assignments may be easy, its better to get everything out of the way early so you won't have to stress about it later. Another thing I will tell myself is to start looking for different scholarship opportunities earlier. I honestly wasn't thinking about the cost of college, I was thinking more about how everything was going to be like. My freshmen year wasn't so bad financially, everything went well, but then sophmore year, things got a little more difficult which resulted in me getting transferred closer to home. Other than that, everything else I am satisfied with.


I would tell myself to start doing things for myself. I mostly do things for the benefit of others. In a way that set me up to get hurt by a lot of people during my freshman year of college. Although it has made me a stronger person I wish I would have known this before. It distracted me from my school work and the things that were more important during my freshman year. I cannot wait to start my sophomore year and start all a new. I won't let anything stand in my way.


I would advise myself to do the maximum research possible taking into consideration the things I like, the hobbies I enjoy, the environment I prefer as far as my surrounding, traveling convenience, school reputation, transportation, convenience and safety. I would advise to learn about the school, visit and talk to students on all levels about their experiences. Know and understand the school’s requirements for program completion and what the school is willing to do for me as a student. I would advise to look into the school’s career services, internship requirements and job placement. I would strongly suggest learning about the campus life and learning about the professors. I would suggest looking into the schools tuition and scholarship programs, payment plans and financing options. I would suggest looking into the schools off campus courses, schedules and transferring possibilities. I would also suggest having a clear view of my program. Larn about the school's programs including counseling. I would also be interested in finding out if the school is environmentally friendly. In sum, I would stress the importance of understanding my future school in all aspects and hope that is where I would gain best education and experience


Attend school earlier, and save for when it does come time to pay. School is horribly expensive today. It is ashame that students can not pursue education free of the burden of financial hardship. My only adivce to myself would have been to begin saving in order to alleviate the struggles of financial hardship.


If I could go back to being a senior in high school knowing what I know now about college, the advice I would give myself in order to be better prepared would be to take SAT preparation classes to try to get more finical aid from Holy Family University. With the demands of maintaining a stellar GPA, it is virtually impossible to uphold a full-time job to pay for college tuition. The financial options available to me are sparse. In addition, I would have taught myself the importance of time management, because when college arrived there were more responsibilities than there was in high school. My freshmen year of college was stressful because of my inability to manage my time successfully. I thought high school was so easy, and I misconceived that college would not be any different. In high school I spent more time worrying about my social life than my grades and academics, where as in college it’s the complete opposite; I am more motivated and driven to perfect my academics. Finally, I would have learned how to be more self sufficient in asking for help when needed to have the chance for more opportunities.


I would definitely tell myself that college is not the same in high school. In high school, learning came easily to me, I didn't have to study a lot, and all I have to do was my homework and I was able to pass classes. In college, things are completely different, when I first started, I dropped the ball because I thought that I would have just as easy a time as in high school, but I quickly discovered that it is not, and I have to study very hard. I wish I would have been better prepared.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior after knowing about college life, the advice I would give myself would be to prepare myself for a lot of studying for the next four years. As I am concluding my second year of college, I know how much studying a college student does, so I would give that advice to myself as a high school senior. Another piece of advice I would give is not to be afraid to talk to classmates and make friends. I have made so many friends at college, so I would tell myself as a high school senior not to be scared and to make friends.


Going back in time, I would tell myself that all the decisions I made are right for me. I have no regrets about the choises that I made regarding my education.


I think that I would definetly want to let myself know not to be in such a hurry to grow up and to keep striving for my dreams. Today I am a working mother of four wonderful children as well as a student and it is sometimes difficult to recognize that dream I had upon high school graduation. When looking at my children, who are working towards their own wonderful dreams, it's difficult to see clearly what it was I wanted to accomplish then, except to be the best Mom I can to my kids. When I consider all these things, there is a quote that James Dean once said that I believe I would pass on to my children as well as my former senior self that says, "Dream as if you will live forever; Live as if you will die today.” I still carry the dreams of changing the world and helping humanity, I just strive to do so in smaller degrees with kind words and a smile for others and being a loving example for my children. It's okay to live each moment to the fullest for yourself--thats what I wish I'd known.


I would tell myself that I should have gone right into college after highschool instead of going to cosmetology school first. I thought it would work out for the best for me and it didnt. I'm not unhappy with having my cosmetology license, it is a great opportunity for me still, but I feel as though my first year of college would have gone a little more smooth. Attending Holy Family was the best choice I've made to further my career, and I'm very happy but I just wish I would have done it sooner. College is difficult I find myself studying much more than i used to in highschool, so I suggest starting to get organized and learn study tips and techniques. You're going to love college! Be open to making friends and getting involved, you'll create a great support system while you're there.


Listen, Jeanette... The teachers, your parents, your siblings, friends- they are right. This is truly a transition in your life. Do no underestimate what you are about to endeavour. Coincided, do not fear. You are going to miss your family. You are going to miss what you once knew because things are about the change. You are about to become someone completely new. E.E. Cummings once said, "It is difficult to grow up and become who you really are." That is the greatest truth you will soon come to know. Not only must you prepare to live somewhere new, in a bed that is mediocre to the one you've known for 18 years, but you must also be brave. You must be ready to expand your mind and to grow. You are becoming an adult, and for the first time in your life, you know what that actually means. It isn't something everyone is telling you any longer- it is real. This is life and it is an accumulation of glimmering moments which shine like a momentary glance of perfection. It is going to be hard, but be excited because you are about to blossom.


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I would tell myself to not quit school. Stay and finsh! It's hard out there in the real world if you dont have an education, people look down on you, and theres is no work for someone who doesnt have an education. You will struggle in life because you wont be able to find a good job stay in school and get your deplomia. Now you have your GED 10 years latter you are proud of yourself look how hard you had to work at it and the struggles you went thru to get it but you did it! Now its time to go farther you want to get your Associate's Degree in Medical and we can do this. You have already stared the jounrney and I wont stop till I"ve copleted it. College life is a little scary at first but you go to school with some great people who lift up everones spirt. I'm so thankful of my journey I have had it has its ups & downs but I've always pulled thru it with the lords help. He gas blessed me and brought me to where I am at today!!


Through my college experience, I am very proud of what I have achieved and become through my journey at Holy Family University. What if I could give myself advice? Do it all over again, which is what I want to do. I enjoyed the personal staff and close niche university that I had known Holy Family for. Through the academic advising, career counseling, and all of the help I gained from the Holy Family staff; I feel I had gained a perfect picture of what the ideal college life can offer seeing as how it had such an impact on my college experience and career. My ultimate goal is to attend graduate school program in Counseling Psychology program at Holy Family University so that I can apply my acquired critical thinking and counseling skills to the Student Affairs field. I want every student that I come in contact with to get everything out of their college experience because I strongly believe that it is an important part of not only their future career, but an important part of finding out about life and who they truly are.


I would tell myself that it is okay to break free from the nest,. I think If i were to go away to school I would be more outgoing and more involved with school activites and clubs. i was going to go to a school in delware but I decided to go with Holy Family because it was closet just in case in need my parents. I was not ready to let go but now that I think back I think I could have. Studying at home can be bothering but I do and my grades are good I just wish I could have some fun on campus. I feel I drive thirty minutes to go to school everyday and do not ever do anything fun. I am either at lecture or study notes from the lecture at home. It is not very fun, but I work hard and my grades prove it.


I would tell myself to go for what I really wanted which would have been Nursing.


The advice I would give to myself if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior is to follow your heart. When looking for a college find one that will meet your needs. What ever it is you decide to do make sure it is what you want to do and not something someone else wants you to do. This life is your life, you only get one, so make yourself happy and follow your dreams. Do not be affraid to take a chance, do not hold back, for if you are affraid and hold back how will you ever know what your truly capable of. Do not be affraid to fail, failure makes us stronger and teaches us how to do things right. To truly succeed you must work hard, develope good ethics, and treat everyone with respect and dignity.


I would tell myself to work harder in college. High school is so different from college. I was a great student in high school, I breezed through with a 3.8 gpa but I always put homework off until the last minute. In my first two years of college I kept procrastinating my homework and reading and I really with I could have told myself to finish my work earlier and not to put it off until the last minute.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself a lot. The transition into college is not easy. It will take time to adjust to its lifestyle. When people think of college, they think parties and fun. But in fact it's nothing like that. For those much serious about their education there is some sacrificing that has to be done. Things that I would tell myself would be to be very organized in taking the next step. When there is an assigment due, do not write all over the place, be organized and think outside the box. Another thing would be to take advantage of every little opportunity and plan ahead. The most important advice I would give myself is to plan ahead financially. Student apply for colleges and write essays but they completely forget how they're going to pay for their education for the next couple of years. I would tell myself to apply to all scholarship that I qualify for. Over the summer I would get a job and save as much as I could.


I would give myself the advise of making better choices in regards to planning my future and aslo searched for more oppertunities to help me financially with paying for my education. Additionally, i wolud have tryed harder to get a full payed scholarship to pay for my education. But most of all I am happy that I am making moves to have a better and more promising future.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the best advice I would give myself would be to change my study habits. If I were to change my study habits back then, I feel like I'd be better off now. All throughout high school I would cram in studying and work at night for something that was due the next morning. I constantly procrastinated with every single assignment and I see now how bad of a habit that was. In high school I could get away with doing that becasue the work was all that difficult. In college however, if you do not study or do your work ahead of time, you will definitely not pass with an A or a B. If I were to drop that bad habit while I was still in high school, the transition into college would have been alot easier. I found myself struggling more than usual because of this and I am still trying to change my ways.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, the first thing I would tell myself is that procrastination is your worst enemy! If I knew before how much trouble it would cause then I would have started my assignments the day that I got them. Next I would tell myself to be more confident. College is a new place full of new people it is almost like making a fresh start and you can let your personality shine. I would tell myself to be more active and participate in class discussions and activities. In addition I would compel myself to ask for help when I need it. My professors always tell me that they are there to help us if we have any questions or concerns and we should not be afraid to speak up if we have a problem. Last I would tell myself to learn from your mistakes. Take the advice and critique given to you from professors to improve your assignments and better the quality of your work to ensure that you have given them your best.


I would tell high school senior version of myself that things are not as important as they seem to be. If you miss something, do not worry the world will actually keep spinning. Prom and parties seem to be really important, and they are, but spending a little less time having fun now will pay huge dividends later. Remember to focus on you more even if it sounds extremely vain, because true friends will always be there for you later. Learn to be humble, and to roll with the punches. And most important of all, make sure to slow down and take it all in. A time will come, very soon I might add, when you’ll wish you had these high school problems that seem so monumental right now. So learn to multitask right now. Hit the books, have fun, but always take the time to stop and smell the roses. Good Luck.


The advice I would give myself is, pay more attention in class. The things that were taught are brought up in college and it would be beyond helpful to remember them. Not only would paying attention help, but also, doing well in all of my classes. If I would have done extremely well, my grade point average would have been higher and that would've helped me earn more scholarship money. All in all, high school may seem like a joke when you're in it, but if you want to succeed and make college a little bit more easier for yourself, do very well and pay alot of attention to the "nonsense" you once thought it all was.


At college I have learned many valuable skills and life lessons through close friends, professors and faculty. I have also matured a great deal. While other kids were partying I spent time in the library studying or doing study groups with other students. College has been good for me socially. I network with many different types of people and have made life long friends. Although I thought a professor was mean to me, she believed in me and pushed me to succeed, which has only strengthened my drive to succeed and earn my degree. Her class improved my writing skills. She taught me that communication with professors is key to success. College has also taught me the value of time management skills. In life you must learn to balance work and play. If you do not and have too much of one or the other you set yourself up for failure. It has been worthwhile for me to attend because I know how it is to work and go to school for something you love. I am determined to earn a degree for myself and my future family. Education is the gateway to anything I can possibly imagine.


What have I gotten out of the college experience that is/has been valuable? Well I gained a lot from college over the years. To first that is off that education is vital and important for ones life. Eduction feeds your mind and keeps your brain functioning. Another value that I got out of college is the experience that I have obtained with interaction with classmates and teacher, it has provided a level of communication of similar interests. Another value that I have obtain from college is the knowledge that I get from each course that i attend. I learn more and more which I have run into time to time in my personal life. College has given me so much knowledge that I am aware and I am open to much more things in what this world can offer. Most importantly like i mentioned earlier is that continuing on to eduction in college does really keep you mind active and young. Learning is food to your brain. These are some of the valuable things that college has given me since i have attended.


My college experience has allowed me to gain a positive perspective on the importance of time management. In high school, I was the extrovert who explored all the extra-curricular activities which were presented to me. However, with a heavy work load, feelings of being overwhelmed, and pulled in many directions arose; I maintained focus, managed my time and was satisfied with the effort I put forth. When I began college I paced myself, focused on my studies, all the while preparing to give birth to my first child. It was then that I began to realize that time management was going to be an essential tool in successfully completing my degree. Ready to take on what I expected to be the most challenging semester I would ever endure, I went for it. Managing my course load, work, and family for the first time in my college career, I was forced to be extremely time conscious. When the semester was over, maximizing my time made me eligible for the dean’s list for the very first time. In the end, what I thought would be one of my biggest challenges, turned out to be one of my greatest accomplishments.


As a undergraduate student here at Holy Family University, I have experienced numerous things. My overall experience has been a blessing for I have met some wonderful people. Holy Family has opened my eyes to diversity on a very large scale. I have been in contact with students from overseas, students with different religious backgrounds, and students with disabilities thriving together doing things they love to do. For example, there was a Halloween dance where I had the oppertunity to dance with someone in a wheelchair and actually ejoy myself. However, the most i have gotten out of my college experience is strength and determination. I received these two things from the environment, which consist of staff and peers. There is always someoone to give me the extra push in the right direction and reminding me that i can do all that I put my mind to. These experiences are valuable to me because they are life lessons that no matter where I am in life i will be able to cooperate. I will be able to cooperate because it is an environment I have already been subjected to and overcame and in overcoming i became unstoppable.


When I hear the words "your college experience" the first thing that comes to my mind is the word realization. Originally, I was supposed to attend another school and live away from home but, at the last minute, I changed my mind. I am beyond happy with my decision. I know that if I would have went away to school, I would not have done well. My mind would be foucused elsewhere and I would have been extremely distracted. Living at home has made me realize the person I want to become. Also, in these past few months attending Holy Family University, I have realized how important an education is to someone. Most people do not have the opportunity to recieve the education that I have recieved. I realized that my grades will make or break my future. A social life is not important right now as most college students think it is. I know I will always have time for fun when I graduate. As of right now, school is my number one priority. I value my education more than anything in the world, mainly because it has helped me to grow up and become responsible along the way.


Holy Family University is a great school that I had a privilege to attend from the years of 2007 to 2011. This school gave me better outlook on life and taught me a lot about the healthcare field. The rigid grading system allowed me to set higher goals for myself and realize that I am an academically successful student. I pursue a degree in psychology, and over the last four years I was able to learn on campus as well gain experience in my field outside the school. Having the ability to visit and apply my knowledge in different hospitals in my area was a very rewarding experience. After I graduate this school I would like to help people who suffer with clinical depression as well as continue my education in the field of psychology eventually obtaining a Ph. D.


What have I gotten out of my six years of attending two different colleges with three years still to go? I have experienced almost everything that college has to offer including outrageous loans. I experienced living away for those years at Penn State and how important it is to have self-control with my independence. I have experienced academic victories as well as some major defeats. I have learned the ways of how colleges milk every last penny out of a vulnerable student who doesn’t know any better. When I transferred from Penn State to Holy Family University is when I realized how valuable college can be. I went from a student who was carelessness and ignorant, to a student who finally understands what college is all about. College is extremely valuable to me now because I have learned what happens if you make the wrong choice of a major. I have seen what happened to friends who make the wrong decisions in college. I realize how important college really is to set the whole rest of your life in motion. I value the things that college has taught me about life outside as well as inside the classroom.

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