Holy Family University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the small size of classes is what I enjoy the most about the school. It is a small college and I really like that about the school. Students get to know each other in class and it is not hard for two students to end up being best friends after a few classes together. It makes everything easier because professor get to know students and students feel more comfortable when sharing ideas in class.


It is a well known, highly accredited university which helps graduates have an advantage among other applicants when applying for jobs.


I love the fact that people are very friendly and willing to help other students with there class work. Alot of students studied with one another and ask each other questions so that when it comes to test time they know the material. I have meet alot of people on this campus and that I consider my friends for life.


The class room sizes. The rooms are more personalized and that way the professors pay more attention to each individual student.


I believe the best thing about this school is the way help is always available, whether its from a friend or a counselor. There's is always going to be something that you aren't so sure about that may make you need someone to clarify to help you understand it more and for you to continue doing well.


The best thing I think Holy Family University offers are the academic programs. The school has a great and challenging nursing program, which I think is the best for nursing students. Holy Family also offers many majors. The academic advisiors are very friendly and make your college and class decisions more understandable.


My school is paradime to its name. At Holy Family University, you truly are a family member within a major universty. Everyone functions in a cohesive manner, which makes for a wonderful college experience in such a small community. Holy Family is a home for 3,000 students just out of the reach of metropolitan Philadelphia, which possesses thousands of people! The professors at Holy Family University strive to help you learn, succeed, and advance into the person you aspire to be. Your experience here will only be solidified by the friends and relationships you make, as well.


I believe that the best thing about Holy Family University is the faculty and staff. They work very hard to help accomodate the needs of each and every student.


The best thing about the Holy Family University is the faculty and staff. They are extremely positive, enthusiastic, and always will to help. Whether it be helping with a class, academic advising, or choosing the right career path, the staff is always there.


The best thing about Holy Family is the attitude of the staff and the students. It is a tight knit community. Everyone is always there to help. When I just started I had trouble in my classes and my fellow classmates were so helpful.


I am currently transferring from a 2 year community college and have not been to this school yet


The thing I consider best about my school isn't only one thing. There are school events that many students can attend to that takes their mind off of the difficult school work they recieve. Another is work study. Thanks to my school, I know have a job that works out well with my school schedule. I am able to work and go to school which is beyond helpful at this point in my life.


As a student currently attending Holy Family University, the teacher to student ratio and compasion is the best thing about this school. As a incoming freshman having teachers that actually cared whether I did good or bad, really motivated me to push harder as a student within the classroom and with life on campus. The class sizes are smaller and very interactive, one would not have to worry about teachers never knowing who they are because the teachers take the time out to get to know the students and form a relationship.


The small class size. The teachers really get to know you and are able to help you much more.


best thing about holy family is people who make you feel welcome and as memeber of a family. i think it is important to feel welcome to school becuase holy family university is always there for you to help.


I have yet to meet a teacher or student that is unwilling to help me in any way, shape or form, making it very easy to get all of the resources available to succeed.


The thing I consider the best about Holy Family is the small class sizes and the individualized attention you recieve from the professors! It is a comfortable environment that helps you relax and encourage you to work to the best of your ability.



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