Houghton College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I describe Houghton College to my friends, I stress the Christian learning environment, rigorous academics, and the feeling of family. As soon as I arrived here, I felt like I was welcome and soon became part of the "Houghton family." I truly enjoy the passionate love of Christ that many people here have and incorporate into daily living and learning. Another aspect I truly enjoy here is the love for learning and the hard, but worthwhile academics.


We have GREAT off campus programs - Tanzania, London, Eastern Europe, and New Zeland. Our Intercultural studies professers are phenominal -- all of them have worked overseas for an extended period of time. They really know what they are talking about. The campus is fairly small, which makes it difficult for any newcomer to get lost. Because we are out in the country, we do not have constatnt road noise. Indeed, "congestion" concists of three cars lined up to turn onto the county road. The beauty of nature is all around.


I like the fact that houghton is globally engaged and there are many opportunities to go off campus or over seas. I think that these experiences, not classes, are where students learn the most about themselves and others.


I brag about the great professor to student relationships and the benefits of a small campus and small class sizes. The Academic scene is very competetive and challenging here, yet professors come through as motivators, mentors, and helpful experts of their field. I have had excellent discussions with some of my professors and had the opportunity to travel throughout eastern and western europe with two outstanding faculty members and 25 other students. It changed my life and I would never take back the opportunities I have been given through a school that takes education and relationships so seriously.


I know most of the teachers despite the fact that I have not had many of them as teachers yet. The teachers are interested in you as a person. Classes are hard, but the teachers are always willing to help. The caffeteria food is actually quite good. Dorm life is very warm and welcoming- though not a party school.


How much fun I had and the amazing education HC has given me. I also believe that it provides a well rounded educational atmosphere


I tell my friends that I love Houghton College because the music faculty is brilliant. I know that I am recieving the highest quality education as a performer without having to deal with the fierce competition and discourtesy that is common among larger schools. We are a family. I also brag about our wonderful equestrian department. Joanne, our professor, has studied horsmanship around the world for over 40 years and she is entirely centered on healthy natural horsemanship. Our equestrians are in high demand all over the U.S. and Europe and recieve a thorough education at Houghton.


Everyone is very nice. I love my classes and professors.


Houghton is campus full of fantastic people who shaped me and helped me grow in both the classroom and my personal life. I was mentored by professors who really cared and met some of the closest friends I've ever had there.


That i get to study abroad in Africa for a whole semester.


The rich history that we have, the focus on academic excellence, and the quality of the majors we offer.


the people


the small class sizes, amazing science equiptment and fabulous caring teachers.


My friends and I play a lot of good pranks and hacks on each other, the other dorms, and on the campus in general. We do a lot of exploring.

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