Houghton College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


You should be willing to work hard, you will not be babied. Your professors are going to expect you to do your part. They are more than willing to help, but they expect you to be the young adult you are. Also, if you like the big city, you might want to consider that fact that Houghton is in the middle of nowhere. The nearest WalMart is forty-five minutes away. Now there is the co-op across from campus and grocery store just fifteen minutes away, but you are not walking anywhere, unless it's on campus.


First and foremost is that if a person is not a Christian, practicing or otherwise then Houghton probably would not be a very good fit. But beyond that I think that just about anyone could find a place at Houghton. It's broad but I believe it to be true. You also have to be willing to be far from everything. There are no movie theatres in town and only two places to eat out, so one must be adapable. Almost anyone can thrive at Houghton, they just have to open themselves up to the place.


Someone who enjoys a challenging, stimulating education that prepares you for the career of your choice and for the challenges of life. Those who want to experience a good education, but also want to develop strong meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime. The atmosphere encourages a Christian lifestyle but doesn't force it on anyone.


Liberal christians, smart students, and country folk would do very well at this school.


A person who loves God and is looking to be in an environment that cultivates that love.


Some on who is academically focused who wants to become heavily involved within the Houghton community.


The students who thrive the best at my school tend to be creative and strong-personality types. Those willing to take on the challenge of a more tough academic scene and who want to actually work at strong friendships and getting the most from their college experience are usually the ones who do the best, while students who are more use to having things come easily would have a much harder time at my school.


Very outdoors type of person who does not care if they are near anything civilized for miles.


Anyone looking for a strong, supportive christian atmosphere with an emphasis on helping others and improving the environment. This school is also perfect for you if you are serious about academics and want to learn how to apply the theory learned in class to real-world problems and situations. Research projects, internships, and off-campus programs are all commonly utilized learning aids at this college.


Houghton is a private Christian liberal arts school, and the main focus is on subjects like writng, music, art, intercultural studies, etc. There aren't any fraternities or sororities, no one drinks, smokes, or does drugs. People have fun, but they are focused on their work. So, the ideal person for Houghton would be a Christian who loves to be with his/her friends and have fun, appriciates nature, and realizes the value of hard work.


Anyone looking for a great education and a well rounded life.

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