Houston Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the lack of motivation. Most of the students at Houston Community College seem like do not even want to be there. This makes it difficult to focus when the other students do not care about their own grades.


it is a community college, but i would have enjoyed beingnin campus more if there was more activities in clubs; for example, a study club for certain subjects.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the fact that there are no options to obtain a bachelors degree.


The help to hispanic students whom doesnt speak english very well, yes! like me, and the financial aid services. Most of the time I feel so discriminated.


I don't consider Houston Community College to have any bad things about it. I have to admit it's a great school, althought it would be nice for all the cmapuses to be nicely updated like the Central campus and maybe add more buildings since it gives it a real "university" like feeling.


The worst thing about my school is the small bookstore. We are on a large campus with very many students and the bookstore is not big enough in space, staff, and supplies to accommodate us all.


The only bad thing about my school is that it is over crowded since four year colleges are becoming more expensive to attend so many students are transfering to community colleges to save money


Just like most community colleges, it offers fewer campus resources such as an excellent college library, student resource center and other perks that come with attending a four year institution.


My actual campus, the Katy campus is in a very plain and square building. The building once belonged to another company and thus the classrooms can be quite cramped at times. Instead of feeling like you're at school, you feel as though you walk through the halls of a business agency.


The worst thing about my school is the late rule policy. There was always students being late to class so the school had to come up with a way to make everyone go to class early. So one day the teachers told us that it was gioing to be a ram "squeeze." I didn't know what that was. so the bell rang and everyone was running to class as I was just strolling. When that bell rang to start class, I was walking down to the cafeteria and there was know one in the hall way.


The worst thing about a community college is that it requires you to take certain classes that don't even count as a transfer credit when transferring to a university. It's a bad thing because it causes the student to waste money on a class that isn't even necessary, especially if that money could go for something more beneficial to the student like books.


i have been joined in my school for there semesters. Certaintly, all of things about my school are better than all of schools in Vietname where i were born and grown up. Utilities and professors' standard are really good. On the other hand, comparing with the others in the United States, my school are lack of entertainment utilities for student's life as gym, stadium, or dorm. i think school should organize some more events for interculteral students in the school.


With so many students in such a small campus, there is just not enough parking space. I find myself going to school a few hours early just so I can get a parking space in the last row.


The worst thing about my school in my honest opinion is the claustrophobic feeling I get. I'm not being negative nor zealous, however going to a small community college with small classes often make me feel claustrophobic. I rather attend classes with a larger population, than a smaller classroom with 30 students or less. I also don't like the fact that the lack of extra organizations, extra curriculum activities, and clubs. I'm a social person, though being social in a almost none-existing club in my college is impossible.


The filmmaking program is not available at all HCC locations.


I can't honestly say there are any "bad" things about my school. The teachers are doing an excellent job at teaching the credentials we need to know.


The worst thing about my school is that they give out the refunds later than most schools. The only reason this was a bad thing for me was because i needed the money to help me get a car. So, i had to wait until the money was releassed.


The relaxed environment may lead you to believe that it may be okay to slack of at times, but you should not fall into the temptation.


After attending Houston Community College, I realized that the worse thing there was financial aid. In high school one is given constant help from counselors, teachers, and staff, but once one leaves the comfort zone of high school and into college, one is on there own. I filled out my FAFSA, also known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and received the whole amount of aid from the government. I did not receive my financial aid until a week before school let out. My recommendation is to fight for what is rightfully yours.


I attended a private boarding school so I would have to say waking up at 5 AM to attend morning devotion.


No pathophysiology class. I had to take the class but it was not available at all. I guess we do not have a pathophysiology instructor.


My experience in classes was not pleasing. Some professors do not attempt to motivate their students to learn. My past English professor always came to class late, hardly taught the subject and gave grades away for effortless assignments. Also, library personel are not monitoring the library section to keep students from talking aloud with friends, some talk on cell phones and distract those who study.