Houston Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I don't like the fact that my classmates don't always interact with one another. I feel that it makes the room in the air very awkward and tense.


The most frustrating thing about Houston Community College is the enrollment process.


The most frustrating thing is the way they process people. It doesn't feel personal at all, and to a point even feels like they don't really care about you as a student, and only care about you as the money you pay them. However, that seems to be how most schools are now a days..


The most fustrating thing about school is when I don't understand something quick but there's always the instructor to help me.


Nothing really frustrates me about HCC. In all actuality, HCC is better the the prevous college that I attended. I like the small classes, and the professors seem to care about me succeeding in the future.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the parking lot! While it seems that there should be plenty of parking, students often park over the line making the spot next it virtually unusable.


Community College tries very hard to embody all that is a regular university, but alas it cannot be as a University is. I dont feel a sense of togetherness or closeness as you might on a University campus. But that is to be expected, HCC is merely a means to an end. No one is going to be staying there for more than a couple of years, everyones dreams are elsewhere, and it reflects upon the school.


The most frastrating thing about high school is the homework given by the teachers. THey always like to give out work loads because they think that it will boost our intelligence but it just cut off our free time. for example in English class, we had to create an aurgument essay on a poem we read. We spent three long weeks in the library studing hard and looking up references. But when it was time to turn the paper in, instead of grading the papeer she juist graded how much work was used to create the paper. I was angry.


To be completely honest to this day i have not found anything to be frustrating about the college i attend. If anything, I would say the most frustrating objective is to try to find your class in the enourmous property!!


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of classes and education I can choose from. Going to a community college is a so called "smart" way to go to school, since you can take your basics and work up your way to a Four-Year University. I however don't see it that way. Going to a community college limits you to the type of classes you can attend. The education won't measure up to the University level, although it always depends on the teacher. With limited classes, comes limited teachers.


The most frustrating thing about school for me is finding time to study. I have a 1 year old daughter and I work 5 days a week. I go to school in the morning, work in the afternoon, pick my baby up from her daycare center in the evening, then I have to find time to study between caring for my child and getting ready for the next day.


The most frustrating thing about my school I would say is having to buy books the first week of school. The bookstore is alway crowded and the lines are very long. The best advice for any prospecive student would be to buy all books before the first day os school. Make sure to take you class schedule wih you to the bookstore so that the people that work there can help you find your books with ease.


Teachers that don't teach the class.


I work full time and go to school in the evening. The most frustrating thing for me is the limited availability of classes as I get closer to finishing.


The most frustrating about most of school how they grade, because each and every school have different grade system so I just hope it will not be as bad as I think.


The finanical aid dept is really busy and it is hard to talk with someone over the phone, I have had a few problems with my refund and it took several attempts to get the problem resolved. It just sometimes feels like there is no one to help with the little things.