Howard Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


There is a small group of people that band together here and there intermittently for soccer whenever they have the free time.


Howard Community College is best known for its ability to cater to the community's educational needs. With classes offered days, evenings, weekends and even online, it is an ideal setting for both the working adult (like me) or those fresh out of high school. As a working adult, HCC allows me to continue pursuing my higher education at a pace that allows me to also continue to provide for my family. The younger adults who choose HCC are given a quality education, close to home and at a fraction of the cost of four-year state schools.


Howard Community College (HCC) is known for a number of academics. HCC is an all around great community college choice if you dont quite know what you perfer to study. Or if you do know then then HCC is a great school to getr those unnecessary classes out of the way so once you transfer to your desired school, tuition wont burn holes in your pockets. I can't really tell you what HCC is best known since they're so attentative to every subject thought of. But if i had to choose, there music program is wonderful.


Howard Community College is known for really caring about its students. There are many activities for the students to participate in, such as clubs and student hosted events. Also, most of the faculty is known for wanting to make sure the students succeed.