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Howard Community College

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What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?

There are many wonderful things about HCC, but the one thing I would say needs improvement is in the area of facility maintenance. I have yet to arrive on campus and not see graffiti or trash littering the outside tables. Excessive litter invites vermin and increases the risk of infectious diseases and the graffiti adversely affects our image in the community. I can understand a little bit of trash; a forgotten cup or two, a cigarette butt, a candy wrapper . . . but the sheer quantity of garbarge and "tagging" that is consistently left about on campus really should be addressed.

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Howard Community College doesn't really have a downfall that i know of or can think. As i said HCC is an all around great school.

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The worst thing about the school is students' lack of enthusiasm for learning and the lack of drive to receive good grades.

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