Howard Payne University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The fact that it is in a really small town and there isnt much around. The closest bigger cities are and hour away. All we have really is a Walmart I would like a little more options.


There is not much to do off campus, and nowhere to eat!


The worst part of Howard Payne University is the visitation policy. Guys and girls are in separate dorms and only allowed to go to the opposite sexes dorm from 7-9pm monday to saturday and 1-9pm on sundays. I have a fiancee and I would like to be able to spend more time just hanging out with her in the comfort of a dorm than going somewhere where there is a lot of people.


The small town. You have to drive an hour before you get anywhere to do anything fun. But its great none-the-less.


The atheletic program simply because they don't do a very good job recruiting. And because of this the turnover rate is not very good. Some kids who have no business playing college sports are allowed to come and try out with the hopes of playing and then when they realize they aren't going to get to they leave the school because they didn't really come to school they only came to play sports.


the food. although its really good, it sometimes becomes old, meaning you eat it over and over again


The worst thing is the food on campus. There is not very much variety.


The size would definatly be the worst thing about Howard Payne. It's just not big enough to make you feel like you are at an institute of higher learning. I also believe that the size limits the students to finding a more diverse set of career opportunities. People on campus usually say 'this college was made for future preachers and teachers'. And I'd have to say they're right.


The location. It is by nothing and it is hard to get companies intrest here.




The facilities could be inproved, more places for students to hang out like a community gaming room or somthing. The communication between different organizations is run like a large college and HPU is not large. The need to work on communication.