Hudson County Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Ashley, You think right now that you know everything. You think right now that at 18 you are an adult capable of making big decisions. You think that you are ready to settle and marry and that college does not matter. You think any run of the mill college is great, you think none of the extra fluff matters. No need for any extracurricular activities. No need for internships. College is nothing more than an extension of highschool. You are wrong. You are 18 and life isnt over, it is just beginning. You are not an adult. The transition from child to adult is not as simple as the clock striking 12 am on your birthday. The college you pick does matter, those extracurricular activities are not just fun and games. They are important to your growth. You don't need to settle now. Make some friends, learn a few new things, and for goodness sake get an internship! You think you know everything, but there are no right or wrong answers in life. Remember you don't know all the answers and neither do I. Discover more and grow!


If there are any words of wisdom that I could impart to my high school self, I would tell her to learn how to motivate herself and be her own cheerleader. Growing up, I always had my family to support my dreams and ambitions, including but not limited to my educational and dance careers. I believed that I would always have their support no matter what challenges came along. Once I entered college, I had to learn very quickly, through trial and error, how to inspire and support myself and be my own cheerleader. There have been many days when I felt alone and overcome with the stresses that come along with entering adulthood. I would let my high school self know that if she can motivate herself to succeed when no one is cheering for her, then she will be able to push even harder and succeed even further when people are cheering her on with pompoms, foam fingers and megaphones. Once she can make herself proud, she can begin to build the legacy she will leave behind for future generations.


First and foremost, shed all procrastination habits as soon as possible! Liberal Arts is better than Undecided. Get to the bookstore as early in the morning as possible. Use the school issued planner, it will help you improve your organizational skills. It also has a handy school map. Attend the workshops the college offers; they are very informative. Make an effort to ask for teacher recommendations from the person scheduling your classes. Ask any and every question. Read the bulletin boards because chances are, there is something fun going on. The library is your best friend when you need to do a research paper! There is no cafeteria at the school but there are fast food restaurants and delis around; make sure to bring lunch money. Get a written copy of everything Financial Aid tells you, especially regarding your NJ Stars. Have a folder or binder dedicated to adminstrative documents. Finally, keep in mind that you are one of thousands, so if you don?t make an effort to stay on top of your game, don?t expect anyone else to do it for you. Enjoy!


I graduated at the young age of seventeen and even though at the time I thought I knew everything, I am fully aware I was wrong. As a student I feel I was ready for any college course I signed up for because of my grateful education at a college preparatory high school. As a teenager who did not yet have her priorities in check I was not ready for college at all. My college preparatory courses and all I studied in high school meant very little without my priorities in order . If I could go back to senior year I would tell that seventeen year old girl that she is worth more than settling for anything less than the best. I would express that decisions made during this transition will last her a lifetime. My advice to any senior in high school is to stay true to themselves and never take their education for granted. I now have worked in the "real world" and want more out of life so I am returning to college to higher my education. I remind myself everyday that education is a honor and no one can every take away the knowledge you possess.


first,i'd say pay attention to your school work.also,make as many friends as you can.there is no such thing as too many friends.don't get too frazzled.relax and stay focused to the task at not worry about the things that you can't control.that will keep you less stressed out!


If I were able to go back in time as a high school senior the only advice i would give myself about college life would be don't take college as a joke!!! This is the same advice my brother gave me the day they handed me the high school diploma. college is not the party zone as t.v shows portray it to be, in fact it's the complete opposite. Students at Hudson County Community College are focused on one thing and one thing only, THEIR FUTURE. College is what shapes us as a person and as a professional. This education helps secure our position in the field of our choice; with this education we'll be able to climb the steps of our dreams. This would be the advice I would give myself if I were given the chance to travel back in time to my senior year in high school.


The most important advice that i would keep in mid will be take college seriously and always to use time wisely in order to learn more as well as to get good grades.


When i was in my high school senior year, i did not think or realize the important values and lessons that a college career has for those who really want to improve themselves as a well aducated it human beings. If i could go back in time, I unquestionably advice myself to take or consider Colleges or Universities as institution to prepare students for the future and I must take the time in there very seriously in order to reach my personal goals.