Hudson Valley Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


1 Developing my skills in Residential and Commercial Construction Wiring, and becoming member of the ECM club. 2. Developing my English skills 3. Presently I work forty hours a week as full time 3pm-11pm, at Catholic Charities center for disability in Albany New York 4 achieving 3.10 GPA 5 I would like to continue my education after obtaining my associate to be transfer an engineering Electrical field. As a result of my achievements I have expanded my horizons and gained self-confidence. My future goals are to complete the ECM degree program by May 2015.


My school is best known for the recent visit by President Obama. In September of 2009 President Obama visited my school and talked about the importance of Community Colleges on rebuilding our nation.


I think Hudson Valley is best known for being the school that many students prefer to start at because it is very easy to transfer credits to many other colleges as well as saving a few thousand dollars by going to Hudson Valley first.