Humboldt State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Humbold sit in the mist of the pristine Redwood forest, a close walk or a short drive everything the Redwoods have to offer. Humboldt has one of the best conservation school in the nation. Instructors are very helpful, they provide you with the needed tools, and are there to insure you will get the eduction you need to land that career job you are looking for.


Humboldt State University is very well known for its programs in biological sciences and theatre arts. It is a wonderful school.


HSU is widley stereotyped as having a strong drug culture, but during my three years on this campus I have not been pressured to do any drugs. Our campus is a drug free zone, so anyone with drug paraphernalia on campus may risk losing thier on-campus housing.


Humboldt State University is known for the science program


Humboldt State University is well known for its Marine Biology program, and is the only university on the West Coast that has a research vessel for undergrads as well as upper division students.


My school is best known for it small classes where the teachers know your name.


My school is best known for its natural resources and soils programs.


Humboldt it best know for it's wildlife and environmental studies programs as well as it's art programs. We also have an amazingly good softball team here. Everyone also knows Humboldt for it's surroundings. We are surrounded by beach and redwoods.


MARAJUANA! I don't smoke, I like my brain cells.


Marijuna, pot, weed and liberal views.


Environmental Engineering program. Marine Biology, Wildlife programs. Nursing programs. It is know for the geographical area it resides in being one of the most amazing areas in the US.


HSU is best known for its thriving environmental sciences department. The school, situated in a massive area of pristine wilderness, is in itself a perfect laboratory for the field. Botany, environmental engineering, oceanography, and biology are all common majors. In addition to its academic aspects, Humboldt County offers an almost unlimited opportunity for outdoor recreation and hands-on learning.


The redwood trees, the forest, small town atmosphere, and marijuana.


Best Marijuana in the country. Very Environmental Campus. Lots of Hippies. Homeless people sleeping in the library. Huge redwood trees. Mountain Lions on campus. Jim Dodge.


HSU is very well known for being a leader in protecting the environment and being very environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, it's also very well-known for marijuana.


Environmental sensitivty and the Green Pledge--to promis, upon graduation, to take the knowledge gained at HSU and use it to improve the condition of the world.


It's strong science department and marijuana usage. Also its beautiful natural setting.


This school is very heavy into science. Anything regarding animals, or the environment. Yet it is also heavy on art. The art is very "other worldly" It's very surreal and different art. There are so many students I know who know a great amount of trivia about animals or the environment. Also people who are wanting to be challenged in terms of their social and political status may want to come here to get out of their comfort zone and try something new.


Marijuana and environmental science unfortunately.


Their science classes and environmental programs


Humboldt is best known for its liberal attitudes and environmentally conscience movements towards a greener world.