Humboldt State University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Every where you go you see Nature Lovers, and Musicians. So it is easy to conclude that the most popular stuff the students do are socialize, adventure, and have an all around great time.


One of the most popular groups on campus would be the "Y.E.S House" it stands for "Youth Educational Services". This is a great program to be involved in because this program gives back to the community. One of those ways is attending a heath fair where the doctors need a translator, we would go and be that translator. This program benefits very one.


There's a lot that you can do on campus if you look hard enough. There's sports clubs like rugby and lacrosse, archery and fencing. There's a club for skiing and snowboarding, I forget what they're called but I see their stand often on campus. Some of the clubs are really weird too; one about spiritual self-actualization or something ALWAYS writes all over campus with chalk. Also, there's an awesome volunteer house around here, the YES house, that has a lot of volunteer groups that work with kids. If you do music for fun, there are plenty of entry-level ensembles, beginner's music classes, and chamber music classes. The Sunset and Canyon dorms are crazy; they're where you stay if you want to be guaranteed in on the fun, but they are regular dorms. Cypress (where I live) is in suite style living; there are about a dozen people living in the same suite with a kitchen and living room. Some of the boys here are pretty cute. Just watch out for the freshman; they're kind of an eager bunch for the most part. Halloween was great here! There were a TON of people in the plaza dancing. Not much of a greek life here. There's not so much to do off-campus until you're 21. But I guess you could find something. Some places to eat are open 24/7.