Humboldt State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The school spirit is amazing here. A lot of students show up to all the sporting events.


For me, the best thing about HSU is its inclusivity, in every sense of the word. The natural beauty and rich history of Humboldt County have attracted faculty members of widely diverse experience, especially in natural resources and sciences, but also in geography (my major) and other disciplines. Its focus on diversity attracts students from all over the state, so even though HSU is in a rural area its student body reflects "the many states of California" (to borrow a phrase from a recent advertising campaign). HSU is a microcosm of the best the surrounding community has to offer.


The atmosphere of the school is amazing. It's natural surroundings and the humans that fill it make it a wonderful University.


I love my school for many reasons as it has so much to offer that large universities do not. I believe Humboldt State's best quality is it location. The location of the school provides so much diverse and different scencery that you would not experience anywhere else. As my school resides in the redwood forest among thousands of trees along the mountains but at the same time you are on the coast of california almost making it feel like the area is much larger than it actually is.


The learning experience and environment, because it has allowed me to succeed in my studies and goals.


The labratories are amazing.


The best thing is how small most of the classes, which is greatly helpful to the students if they need one on one attention. Not all classes are less than 30 students but the professors still make time to have one on one meetings with their students. I know from personal experience that the professors will do whatever they can to help you pass, no matter the class size.


The best thing about Humboldt State University is its natural setting. It is nestled along the coast and into the redwoods. It is a beautiful place to relax, do homework and find yourself.


Attitude. Everyone here is excited about life and their perspective futures. Great environment to learn, with real hands on experience doing what you learn in the classroom. Not to mention HSU is located in the heart of the redwoods, in a very small town, which promotes a focused educational experience. The best thing about my school is the quality of the education recieved combined with the experience it provides, gives students an undersanding of the world that is genuine and long lasting.


I love the environment at Humboldt State Univerisity. The campus has a casual and friendly atmosphere, and professors are passionate and involved in thier studies and their students' progress. Class sizes are small, allowing for interactive learning and discussion.


The best thing about Humboldt State University is the outdoor tourist destinations. To name a couple. There is the Redwood Forest. It is right behind the university and also there is a park along side it. It is beautiful and full of huge eucalyptus trees and more. It has rivers and paths to travel on. Also, we have alot of beaches along highway 101 as you drive north. My favorite is Trinidad beach. I simply adore all the beauty.


My grandmother's wooden leg is in their lumberjack parade.


We have a great surrounding area for hiking and all outdoor activities. Humboldt offers a space to really cultivate your mind, and find what you really want out of life. The teachers here are very insprational.


The teachers are definitely one of the best things about Humboldt State. They have valuable experiences that they can use to teach students. Teachers care about your education and try to make the best of what resources are available to them. I know that my social work teachers want to really help me figure out what I want to do after graduation. They make time for the students. in their busy days.


The location of Humboldt State University is perfect. It heralds the threshold of the West Coast, with a beautiful beach, and to the East blooms the Great Redwood Forest, filled with ancient Sequoia trees. The air is fresh with the spirit of nature.


Besides the fact that it is very eco-friendly and in the redwoods by the ocean, the class to teacher ratio is very nice. I was able to connect well with all of my teachers all of last year.


As an engineering student, I would say the engineering program. Humboldt has a very strong Environmental Resourses Engineering major. It also tends strongly to other biological sciences, including biochemistry, forestry, and wildlife. The professors for these programs are all very helpful and are very willing to work with students beyond the classroom. However liberal arts majors, art majors in particular, may find inspiration in the surrounding area. Its a very beautiful location, though my work schedual often forces me to forget it.


Humboldt State is nestled right in the Redwoods and on the coast. There is plenty of flora and fauna to excite any botanist, zoologist, forester or wildlife advocate. Humboldt's location allows for students majoring in science to gain hands on experience with wildlife and marine mammals. Even more, it's extraordinary location is the supreme place for outdoor adventurers. Students can go backpacking, surfing, rock climbing, you name it. I chose Humboldt for my love for the outdoors and to major in zoology. I truly believe a location in the Redwood forest is the best thing about Humboldt State.


In my opinion, the best thing about my school would be the friendly staff and student population, because their kindness puts me at ease and I feel very safe here.


many people are there because they want to be. it's hard to get to humboldt.


The best thing about Humboldt State has to be the faculty involvement. The teachers here want each and every student to succeed, and when one student starts to get behind, they do their best to make sure and address the ways in order to help that student succeed. Aside from that, I'd say the schools location is a big plus! It's set with a forest as it's background, and it's only a short 5-10 minute drive from the nearest beach. You can go swimming or hiking, depending on what mood you're in.


I've met numerous people in the student body as well as the faculty who are more than willing to aid me in my life and be there for me. Being a music graduate, I try to keep up and play with a few of my old professors in jazz ensembles and local blues groups. I can honestly say many of my professors have become friends now that I've graduated. It's a wonderful situation to be in.


The teachers in my department are engaging, esay to talk to and extremely helpful not only in the classroom but with life outside and after college. They prepare students to meet requirments for grad schools and looking for jobs after they are graduated. Most schools only focus on the teaching but never preppare the student for life after college, here at Humboldt they do, at least in my department.


Everyone is extremely environmentally and socially concious.




The redwood forest is right up against the campus. The beach is not far away. It is beautiful!


Accepting and a great place to get to know your preofessors, friends, and yourself. I really found my voice here.


environmentalism is present everywhere. Composting areas in the dorms and around campus with the CCAT house that is living proof about living sustainably. Many majors are focused on our climate change and how to combat that.


the environment, and the surroundings of the campus. it's very beautiful. i love the weather. and the people her are very nice.


The teachers are the best part of HSU. Their doors are alwaysopn to students. They are always willing to give extra help to hose who need it . They understand circumstances come up where class is missed or assignments are not turned in and they give reasonable time to makeup work.


It is greener than a lot of other schools. The school is based more about the surrounding natural area and giving back to the community. I love to volunteer here because it's a small town and I feel like I can make a difference.


It has smaller classes. My biggest class was maybe around 150, and that's very rare. The smallest class I've ever had was about 15 students. I have friends at other schools with their class sizes in the hundreds.