Huntingdon College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Huntingdon College is a home away from home.


Huntingdon is a school where everyone is close and knows everybody.


Huntingdon College is this small school with a big heart, the student in Huntingdon are very giving and amazing at everything that they do.


Small class sizes, Professors go out of there way to help you, Great atmosphere, plenty of majors, DIII football team, marching band, lots of sports and intermurals 4 frats and 4 sororities.


A small, comfortable, southern school that explores and thinks critically about new ideas all the time


My college is actually a pretty good school. I would like for there to be more cultural diverse activities at my school...but with work i believe it might turn out for the best. There is a lot of school spirit, and the staff is wonderful....the fianacial aid office did wonders for me.


The best definition of the undefinably high quality of Huntingdon College that I can give is to say that it is the single most diverse, unique, and hardworking institution dedicated to grow its students in wisdom and send them out to apply their newfound wisdom in service that I have ever heard of.


Huntingdon is a beautiful campus with helpful professors, faculty, and staff.