Huntingdon College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at Huntingdon are the best because they are ecletic, amazing, friendly, scholarly, and well-rounded.


My classmates at Huntingdon are very outgoing and eager to learn.


All my classmates are friendly, goal-oriented, and career focused.


My classmates at Huntingdon College are unique, we all are diffent in are own way but we get along like a big family.


My classmates, for the most part, and nice and friendly excluding those few people that are not so friendly to everyone no matter where they are.




Dedicated adult learners with little respect for their time and jobs.


The people that attend Huntingdon are very close, and interact via many diverse groups. Everyone knows everyone here at Huntingdon, and you rarely meet a stranger.


They are the most interesting and fun-loving people I've ever met.


My classmates tend to have the same mind set as I do. They set academic goals for themselves and strive to achieve their goals. They are not judgmental, it is easy to ask any question during class without feeling dumb or slow, many times others have the same exact question. Overall, all the students are there to learn and better themselves for the future by doing well in class and getting their college degree