Huntingdon College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is strictly going to college to party. You will not enjoy Huntingdon and you will not last.


I don't know of any type of person that shouldn't attend this school. Huntingdon has a place for anyone and everyone and is a very accepting and nurturing environment. The people make sure you feel comfortable and at home.


Someone who should not attend this school is anyone interested in partying and doing drugs. This school is not for those who love the big school feeling and those who want to be around tons of students. Also, this school is not for someone who does not want close contact with their professors.


If you are one who prefers a big campus that does not offer a family feeling amoung the students then you should not attend Huntingdon College. If you would prefer to go to a school that lets you sit in a corner and be shy and not involved then you should not attend this school. Huntingdon's students do not allow you to be shy, they help you to find the best possible you and bring you out of your shell.


I do not think there is really a limit to what type of person you should be to come to Huntingdon, just be yourself. I mean, yes it helps if your friendly and outgoing but that is anywhere not just at Huntingdon.


The type of people that should attend this school are one's who are willing to participate and just be themselves. People who attend this school are ones who don't mind coming out of their shell or box if they have one, to new ideas and new friends.


Smart if you just want to go to class and nothing else don't come here because if you do you'll wind up getting invloved in everything you can!!


A lazy person with no drive to succeed


Anyone can attend Huntingdon College. Anyone who is goal oreinted and wants to acheive and be successful are more than welcome. ] Huntingdon has no discrimination what so ever. If anyone would like to be in a positive and helpful enviornment, Huntingdon is the place to be.