Huntington University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Expensive, nickle-and-diming leaders who want you to think they care about you and your education, but really only care about their name and putting money in the bank.


Huntington University is a unique school that helps you develop mentally, physically, and spiritually as well as making you a better person as a whole.


Huntington University is boring.


Huntington University presents itself to present and future students as a great place of higher educational learning while growing closer to God.


Huntington University is a small school with right around 1000 students in attendance. The professors are personable so if one wants a personal relationship with the professors, it can be done and it's not a sketchy act. This campus is full of people that want to invest in others, and also people that are completely consumed with the importance of pieces of paper. It is welcoming and the community is near the best that I have ever experienced.


Huntington has a great community atmosphere with encouraging and involved professors, but offers a challenge to make your faith your own and know what you believe and why.


HU is a fantastic place to grow in education, faith and relationships- the community is supportive and provides wonderful opportunities for acheivement.


All for one and one for all.


The atmosphere at Huntington is so uplifting, everyone loves to serve people, it is a very fun and selfless community.