Huntington University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Since most people come from a churched/christian background non-christians may feel uncomfortable eventhough everybody is very friendly. Huntington University is working really hard to diversify Huntington because Huntington used to be known as a sundown town and not open to people of different ethnicities. As a result the school is not really diverse, but they are working really hard to change this aspect of Huntington and even offer scholarships to increase the diversity and have various committees to promote the goal.


The worst thing about HU is lack of racial diversity among professors, but this reflects the population of the surrounding cities.


The food because it is the same every week. The food gets old very fast.


The worst thing currently is the lack of students who are willing to accept more diversity.


Hearing complaints about our rules. Every students knows about the rules when they apply, so it's frustrating to hear people complain once they're there.


I don't like how conservative the students at this school are. They tend to block out good ideas and reasoning because of their conservative Christian upbringing.


The majority of the campus is Chrisitan so there is very little religious diversity. I would like to be able to expand my knowledge of other religions but that is hard to do if there are very little other religions.