Huntington University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students looking for an environment where they are pushed and stretched academically, socially, and spiritually.


A Christian student of any age who values a liberal arts education and who is willing to work hard and get to know their professors who want to get to know them. Any ethnic and social background would fit in at Huntington University and students have a wide variety of interests.


A person who wants to excel and become a life long learner in their field. A student needs to want their education, and desire to learn. The classes are not easy to pass if you do not work hard, and a person needs to put the effort into them. Also, since this is a Christian University, someone who desires to grow spiritually and wants to partake in an amazing community of believers.


A person who is focused on school and who has the discipline to complete their work on time and wish to succeed in life.


The type of person that should attend Huntington University is anyone. They cannot be afraid of religion because this is a Christian campus, so religious bias is part of the deal. There is no other criteria regarding what kind of person should attend this school that comes to mind.


Huntington University students should be ready to fall in love with the campus community, have the ability to apply themselves to learning, be excited about their future, and open to new ideas.


If you are a Christian student that is looking for a Christian campus with Christian professors, HU is 4U! Did you experience ridicule, bullying, and were ostracized in high school because of your beliefs of staying pure, drug and alcohol free? If you are unsure about your faith and religious convictions, HU will help you understand your thoughts and beliefs without cramming religious rhetoric down your throat. Students who attend HU should want to seek God's will for their lives, want to grow in their walk with Jesus, want to participate in volunteer activities social activities on campus.


The first thing I noticed about Huntington was the friendly and outgoing community. A prospective student should also take into account that Huntington is a religious school. Therefore, it would be easier for someone with a Christian background to attend this university. I am not saying it is required, but the mandatory chapels become more enjoyable. If one looks hard enough, he will find where the partying occurs. However, this is not a party school. Someone who is used to that atmosphere may find it difficult to locate the fun spots.


A christian, conservative, and republican student, this school has a small percentage of liberal and democratic views. Also, a student with high expectations of excelling. This campus needs more diversity, and any ethinicity is welcomed at the school.


Any type of person.


A person who wants to get a overall and broad learning experience.