Huntington University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I would suggest that if someone was looking at this school but didn't want to be exposed to religion, he or she should not attend. I am not suggesting that the school community would shun someone just because he or she is not a Christian, but all classes are heavily based on biblical teaching and how subjects relate to our faith. If someone is not open to learning about God or follow the rules of our school, they should not choose to attend.


If you are looking for all the amenities of a large city where you are no more than a number and a paycheck to the faculty and staff, you should look towards a different school. If you are interested in athletes being the cool people on campus, you won't find that here.


You should not attend this school if you are not willing to follow the rules that they have in place. The rules are not unreasonable or crazy, but they are expected to be followed. As a Christian school, the rules are in place to help you live a life style that the school deems appropriate.


Anyone looking for an education that is not geared primarily towards students who hold to some version of the Chrtian faith.


A student should not attend Huntington University if they do not care about academics, love partying/drinking, and have general disrespect for authority and others.


I really feel that anyone can come here and fit in. There is a friend here for everyone., I really feel that way. The school makes it easy to make friends and fit in. People of all different personalities come here and love it.


Anyone with a strong predjudice toward or feels uncomfortable around Christians should not attend this college.