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I love Huston Tillotson University because it ia a historically black university. I pride myself on knowing all there is to know about African American history. The classes are small, and the falculty are very friendly. HT makes it an honor and help others in their transition from high school to college. Because the understand the importance of graduating from college, they make it their job to consistently check up on their students and make sure they have all that they need for a better academic school year. HT has so many good attributes!


Its family oriented, chapel every thursday, the classes are smaller so you recieve more attention from your teachers, you could interact with your teachers, and its a private school.


We are a diverse population and with our one hundred and thirty seven (137) years of history provides us with deep stemed roots within the community.


HT represents the word family-hood better than any other college or university. In result of my school being small and private, everybody learns to come together as one at times. For instance, our professors and doctors make it their duty to assist us in passing in their course. In contrast to other schools where students have to fend for themselves. Whether you are part of a greek organization, club or a ministry the students learn to accept you for whom you are as an individual. This is a diversity community that cannot be broken.


What is unique about my college to other college is the size. Their is 1000 students hear at Houton-Tillotson University. Not only do you get to see and meat in poeple everyday but you get to know your teachers as well. By the 5th week of school you began to feel like your part of a family. You see the same people everyday and you get to know they well to. Vs. the other university whom if you the same person 3 time it you lucky. Also Houton-Tillotson is the oldes black college in the U.S.A.


One of the big difference among schools compared to the one I attend is that the school is very small and we get a lot of hands-on teaching with the professors. We are not just a number, but we are students at our university.


What is unique about my school is the diversity it has. Most college campuses either have a majority of one race. But, Huston Tillotson University has ethnicities such as Hispanic, Asian, African Americans, and Whites. One can learn from other races about their culture and where they come from.


The uniqueness of my school compared to others is that the classes are small and intimate. The teachers are able to give you one on one attention if needed. My campus is small so everyone knows each other and in result develops a family bond between faculty, staff, and students. I do not like schools where you are considered a "number" because I think it hinders your ability to be successful. Here at Huston-Tillotson University, i know I will be successful as long as a have a focused mind and supportive people behind me.


It is a private Historically Black Institution, it's relatively small (a little more than 850 students), class sizes are very intimate, and you can really develop relationships with your teachers; you are not "just a number".


My school is a small campus which was important to me. I am apart of a select group of students who are in a Honors Program on campus, and together we take accelerated classes that challenge us academically. I have not seen this program offered at any other schools. It is nice to be in a classroom that challenges me academically as opposed to not challeging me. The people on campus are very friendly and really make you feel like family while you are on campus.


At my school everyone feels like family. There is also a good teacher to student ratio


Small classes; Everyone gets to know everyone else including faculty


nobody really no about it.


It has a lot of people from different countries.