Idaho State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The school is a great place to learn and achieve your degree.


To someone who has never seen the school, they might think that it is a pretty spread out campus. It just depends on the size of the city that you come from. ISU is a pretty campus with a lot of trees and beautiful scenary.


Idaho State Uiversity is an excellent all-round university that has strong research-based scientific curriculum along with unique, skill-building curriculum in the arts, and the professors are brilliant and unique.


The Idaho Falls campus has three buildings. They sit at kind of a semi-circle around the large lower parking lot. There are two upper, smaller parking lots also. There is the CHE building on the left and that is where most of the classes meet. Then in the middle is the TAB building and that is where the library and most of the faculty offices are located. Then on the right is the BSUB and that is where the cafeteria, student lounge, bookstore, daycare, and just tons of stuff, also most of our campus events are located in this building. The campus is located right along the Snake river and there is a look out deck behind the TAB building where a person can go feed the ducks. Next to Campus is a park so when the weather is warm there are always people out, walking paths, and students like to just find a tree and study.


Isu is a friendly warm place, even in the dead of winter, that every freshman should experience as a first time college goer. You will always get the help you need, and everybody has a friendly face.


A nice, smaller university with caring professors.


My school is accommodating and also friendly.


Idaho State Universtiy is a great school located in a small town with friendly students and staff; they also have great programs for students going into medical programs.


Idaho State is academically focused and has some very prestigious programs but is somewhat of a party school.


Idaho State is academically stimulating, beautiful, and a tight community that one can find a group that they belong in while making life-long friends; yet, there are great opportunities to engage yourself in extracaricular activities such as a vast amoutn of outdoor events.


Open minded value driven aspiring to use this institution as a spring board to a higher level.


I am completely satisfied with my experience here at I.S.U.




Idaho State University is a good place to go to college; whether you're fresh out of high school or returning after ten years of no school.


Idaho State University is a good sized university where students can interact well with eachother and with their professor, where students have many opportunities to become involved with campus activities, and where students feel as though they are gaining as much as they are putting into ISU.


My school is easy to find your way around.