Idaho State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The people at my school are great! Everyone is kind, welcoming and always willing to lend a hand.


The awesome student population! I have made more friends on this friendly campus, than I have anywhere else in my life.


I took the AP Calculus test in high school and got the highest score possible. I also took AP Psychology, U.S. History, and English. I received the hightest score in psychology. I received a 4 in U.S. history. I received a 3 in English. I graduated with high honors from high school and college. I received my BS degree in Elementary Education from Weber State University in 3 1/2 years. I graduated from college with 3.8 GPA.


The professors, the classes offered


I am wanting to go into nursing for my career and I am currently an LPN working towards my RN. I brag about this school because they have a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX - RN exam and have a very competitive program. I would feel very fortunate to be a part of this program.


The teachers. All my professors are fun and outgoing. They help you when you need it, and are very understanding. The program and the way the school is set up is awesome too. Everything is right there when you need it, and the students are wonderful. Every one on campus is just so friendly! I thought my first year of college would be horrific, but the students and faculty helped make it so it was actually a very enjoyable experience for me.


The new Rendezvous building that all of my classes are in. Lots of study areas and technology, artistically designed.


I like to brag about all the amazing opportunities that students have here on campus to participate in activites and events at either a very low price, or free of charge. There are also many things that Idaho State University engulfs the community in -for example, we have an Outdoor Adventure Center that, once students have signed up for activites, is open to the community. On top of that, there is a natural history museum, as well as campus theater at ridiculously cheap prices!


One of my favorite things about my university is the quality of the professors. I transferred here this year from a larger private school, and I thought the teachers may not live up to my expectations. They have exceeded my expectations! They are passionate about their subject material and very helpful for any students with questions. Many of my teachers are also actively involved in research or treatment in their various fields, which really helps connect the classroom with the real world.


I brag about the Stephen's Performing Arts Center because it is amazing.


It is a university and has university standards above a community college


I like the academics of the school and the people at the school, but I dislike the location of the school.


I love my school I do not have time to attribute to the sicial functions at my school , but love the campus, everything is great except we need more parking. My classes challenge me and I am just glad to attend it.


The social life and faculty.


I love my major, and the classes offered for my major.


The campus is well built. It is very easy to get from building to building. There is free parking with free bus service to class. The classes usually have 20-80 people in them. Teachers are nice. Food is good. Lots of different things offered. Fun student activities. Inexpensive. Not a party school. Lots of night classes offered.


When I talk to my friends at nieghboring schools I usually end up making them feel jealous. Idaho State University has endless opportunies for a variety of lifestyles. Socially, students and professors interact on a equilbrium level. I really enjoy their efforts to accomodate academic needs and well as personal hobbies. On campus there are several facilities like fully funtional computer labs and a gigantic library to do your course work if you don't have the quietest roomates. Also, there is an excellent outdoor recreation center to help you in any outdoor adventure you can feast your eyes on.


That I know a few people from there.