Illinois College Top Questions

What are your classes like?


The classes at Illinois College are really a unique experience. The normal class size is 18-20 students. This allows you to have the one on one time with your professors, which is crucial to success. The professors get to know you as a person, and you are known by your name, not a number as it would be at much larger schools.


Some students may find one-on-one interaction with a professor intimidating, and it can be, but the professors at Illinois College really know what they are talking about, have a passion for what they are doing, and strive to see that their students understand the material. You as a student, however, are responsible for your own homework, staying on top of the work, and making an effort to get help when you know things aren't going well. The class load varies from class to class. Some classes are writing or reading intense, while others don't have any "assigned homework." But, if you keep up with the material, come to class prepared, and work hard, there is no reason for the professor to not love you. As for class sizes, the largest class we have at IC is with about 80 students max and those classes are the introduction classes (like Biology, Chemistry, and Sociology). Despite being in a lecture hall with 79 other students, you spend one day a week with 20 other students in lab, getting to know a small portion of your class and your professor. The other classes at IC range from 20 students to 1. It is not uncommon to have only a couple other students in a class, especially in the upper level classes. This allows for a more intimate learning experience where the professor can specialize the class to fit your needs.


So far in my first semester of college, my classes have been pretty easy. There is a transition coming to college on the amount of study time, but thankfully I have not had too many problems adjusting. I know as I progress, things will be more difficult though.


Classes can be challenging, no matter the subject area, but they all make you a better person. You learn new perspectives, techniques, and mannerisms that will aid you in life in general. Even my general education courses were beneficial.