Illinois College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I don't feel that the students at IC have a stereotype. There is a great mix of students here and I don't feel that there is just one kind of student.


Being at a small school in what could be considered rural Illinois, it may come off at first that all of the students at Illinois College are from a farming community. Surprisingly, this is not the case. We have a large percentage of students who come from big cities such as St. Louis or Chicago. We also have a diversity of students from out west in Nevada, Washington, California all the way to Vietnam, Japan, and Russia. So despite being located in a small town, there are plenty of activities to keep students entertain on and off campus. Since there are so many student that live out of state or far from home, we are not a "suitcase college," where students commute home every weekend. There are usually events going on every weekend. So if you are worried about going to a small town and a small school, don't worry, because not everyone knows how to drive a combine.


I think sometimes Illinois College may get stereotyped as a rich person school simply because it is a private college. However, the college does an outstanding job giving out scholarships and financial aid. I would venture to guess that not a single student at Illinois College is paying the sticker price that is advertised. Therefore, this stereotype is not accurate. Illinois College is home to many students from many different backgrounds and financial standings; it is by no means a rich person school.


When I hear the word steroetype, I immediatly think of lables and labeling "our family" here is wrong! We are united! Yes, many of us have our own group of friends, but Illinois College provides the type of atmosphere where you feel connected to everyone around you!


I think some prospective students are skeptical about coming to IC because there are no frats or sororities. Even though the Lit Societies aren't "greek life", some of them still have the feel of a frat or sorority.


Oftentimes IC students are stereotyped to be from tiny, farm towns from throughout Central Iliinois. However, this is not the case. Many students come from throughout the United States, and IC has a very strong influx of international students. In all reality, the atmosphere at IC is quite diverse.