Illinois State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Best known for its positive atmosphere. The community is very friendly.


My school is best known for firstly being the oldest university in Illinois and also being one of the top schools in the country for education majors.


Illinois State Univeristy is known for its great nursing and teaching programs. Most people I know are an education major of somesort, or in the nursing field. It also is known for being the first teaching college in the state.


Its best known for its school of teaching and also business.


Research opportunities and a focus on community service.


Illinois State University's ranking in the 2013 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 156. Its in-state tuition and fees are $12,726 (2012-13); out-of-state tuition and fees are $20,016 (2012-13). The student-faculty ratio at Illinois State University is 19:1, and the school has 31.7 percent of its classes with fewer than 20 students. The average freshman retention rate, an indicator of student satisfaction, is 84.5 percent.


Illinois State University is best known for its legacy of teaching students to become teachers. ISU originated as a normal school (an institution that trains teachers) and it now continues to uphold its history by ranking among the top ten teaching schools in the nation. The school's motto is even "gladly we learn and teach", further proving the school's concrete dedication to making certain that our future will include enough qualified and motivated teachers to educate the coming generations. The school's devotion to creating teachers seems very relevant and hopeful in the world today!


Drinking, and sports.


Teaching and business majors. And the pub II :)


ISU is best known for its education program and the wonderful teachers that come from the program. I would also say it is know as being one of only 2 Universities that offer a degree in Music Therapy in the state of Illinois.


My school is best known for its special education program.


ISU is known for a lot of things. This is a school to get involved. I honestly don't think its known for something specific because there are so many things to do here.


HOMECOMING, so much goes on from fun activities, parade, tailgating and the GAME.The whole week of Homecoming is alot of fun, the town of Normal is heavily involved and help the tradition to continue. Homecoming is usually tailored around a theme that is picked.


Everyday at lunch time (noon) speakers around campus blast with the school song! I love it. I have much school pride, and sometimes I will sing along with music coming out of the speakers. You can be walking across the quad to meet somebody for lunch and hear this song and a smile comes to your face.


Best known as the central Illinois state school. It is also known for it's College of Education, a powerhouse in educating teachers of the future.


Illinois State University is best known for its strong academic programs.


My school is known for its teaching program, but that was never the reason for my enrollment. They have a fabulous school of art, but I realized that art was only worthy of a minor for me, and I am now going to major in psychology.


My school is best known for it's expertise in the majors teaching, nursing, and business.


Illinois State University is known for its great Education program, especially there Special Education program. It also has a very good nursing program and a great program for those who want to get their master in business. It is known for being a campus where students can have a good time and where professors strive to give their students' the best education possible.


Illinois State is best known for it's theater program. Theater at Illinois State is a big deal and a lot of the students from any group comes to see a few of the performances that are bwing put on. Like a lot of colleges, sports are a big thing and just like going to a play or musical you have to go to sports game, they are really a big deal. We have a great nursing and education program.


Our college is known best for its business college and teaching program. The college of business just built a new building and is moving up in the ranks. Teaching here is the biggest field. We have one of the best teaching programs in the nation. Also the physical education department is in the top of the country. Many employeers look for PE teachers from Illinois State. Like I said earlier, it is also known for its friendly environment. Going to ISU is like being part of one big family.


Illinois State University is best known for their education program. Most people that attend ISU are education majors of some sort. That is not the only major here though. We have good programs for many other majors such as business, nursing, psychology, and many more. This is one of the best schools for the education majors though.


Well, there are a lot of STIs here at ISU and that is one thing that we are definately known for. 1 in 4 women here have some type of Sexually Transmitted Infection. However, there is only a $5 cover charge to see the University doctor for any reason, so thats a plus. We are also best known for our teaching degree offered here.


I think our school is best known for teaching degrees and the speech pathology program. I think our school is also known for the sports teams.


Basketball is what I think this school is known for. The games are almost always sold out and our team almost made it to the March Madness tournament last year 2009.


great school, give it a try


Illinois State is best known for its Education Program. Anyone who wants to be a teacher in Illinois should go there.


good business school and teaching school as well as hot girls


We are renowned for having one of the top education schools in the nation. Our music education program almost ensures you will get a job after college.


Strong College of Business


The nuring and education programs.


My school is best known for their education programs. Ilinois State University ranks at the top of institutions for their education program and cirriculum. A lot of students here are majoring in education.


My school is a stereo-typical 'drinking/partying' school but there is so much more going on than just this. There are many activities on campus to get involved in, such as sports, clubs, and church involvement. As a whole, students who go to Illinois State University really put a lot of effort into their education and future investment. It's a great place to go to college and I really enjoy it!


My school is best known for one of our dorms, Watterson Towers, which is one of the tallest dorms in the world. It is very high up and there are many floors. Each elevator only stops on every 3rd floor so you either have to walk up or down flights of stairs in order to get to your destination. Waiting to catch an elevator to go to class can be crowded!


Originally a teaching school ISU continues to draw a large number of students who wish to be teachers. Although, ISU is becoming known for its Business programs as well. Illinois State has a great marketing program, including a recently renovated College of Business building. Most of the business teachers at Illinois State have an incredible background in their field. Another great characteristic of Illinois State is that every student can walk across campus in less than ten minutes and that includes your elevator ride... from the 15th floor.


school spirit


Education and science majors' course excellency


Illinois State University is known for their education program. Because they are the first college founded for teachers, they have held that title and lived up to it. There are thousands of students in the Elementary Education Program. Illinois State also offers not only elementary education, but also special education and middle leave education. There are less than 500 people in the Midde Level Teacher Education Program, but this program is growing every year.


I think ISU is best known for is Education degree. They have a really good education degree program. I was in the Education major and I learned so much information that I use in my own classroom!!


My school is best known for its nursing and education programs but once i got here i realized that the all of the majors are well rounded and good.


My school is best known for its Nursing, Education, as well as Business programs. Besides the education aspect, the school is also known for its sports, specifically basketball. During football and basketball season, you will see nothing but school colors around campus, and tons of people at the stadium.


My school is best known for their education programs.




Illinois State University is a teaching school, most of the student here will be teachers of some sort.


My school is best know for their teaching program.


ISU is best known for its programs in teaching and nursing.


Illinois State University is probably best known as a school for teachers. I understand they have an excellent teaching program. However, the College of Fine Arts at ISU is also very well known. Many students who graduate from ISU's College of Fine Arts are well respected in Chicago when auditioning or looking for jobs, and are expected to do a wonderful job due to the education they recieved at ISU.


Illinois State University is best known as the teacher school!! Most of the people that are enrolled here are some type of education major!!


ISU is best known for the College of Education because many Education majors come to this school since it is an excellent school for this.


our amazing teaching program, and our basketball team