Illinois State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What I brag about the most about my school is that the professors really do care about me. They are very encouraging in regards to directing us towards our goals and how certain opportunities can make us the ultimate candidates. Professors here remember your name and will go out of their way to meet with you if you ever need help with anything!


My school is one of the best colleges for potential teachers, particularly teachers who are going into early childhood or elementary education.


I brag that I have a double major in Political Science and Philosophy, because it sounds sophisticated and intelligent. But about the school itself--not much. I just haven't had enough experiences with the school yet.


I usually brag about the size of the campus and how beautiful it is. The very first time my family and I went on a tour at Illinois State University, we all fell in love with the campus and liked how student friendly it is. I would say about 85 percent to 90 percent of the academic buildings are on, what we call, The Quad. Pretty much everything on campus is in walking distance, from the dorms, the library, and the student center.


The friends that I have made here at ISU are all so very accepting. We come from very different places but are the best of friends. There is nvery any judement, and it is alwasy a positive place to be.


The rec center and the fact that my random roommate turned out to be my best friend.


I brag that I have found six of the most amazing girls to be friends with.


I brag about the campus ministry that I am apart of. I have found a great community through it, and it is what I look forward to every week. It is also where my close friends are.


When I tell my friends about my school I usually brag about the success that graduates have with finding jobs and being well prepared for their career choice.


How cool the teachers are and how free we are to pretty much do whatever we want.


I usually brag about how crazy-awesome the teachers are. I realize I have gotten pretty lucky where teachers are concerned, but I can't help it. So many of my teachers have been some of the coolest people I have ever met. Getting to learn with them has been an amazing experience.


I brag about the amazing relationships I built through Phi Sigma Pi. There are plenty of different organizations to join and plenty of ways to meet people and stay active. The only way someone could not enjoy ISU is by just remaining in a dorm room for 4 years.


I tell my friends about what a great school Illinois State University is. It truley is an amazing school, and you can learn so much from going here. Illinois State University is a smaller state school, but you still feel like you are attending a University. Also, it may not sound like something to brag about, but I tell others about how it is a requirement to live in the dorms for two years. I think this helps students maintain better grades throughout your gen ed classes.


When I talk to my friends that go to a different school than I do, I tell them about the nice people that you meet here, the dorm rooms that are very home like, that the instructors are always there to help the students and will not discriminate against anyone based on race, religion, gender, etc. , you will always have something to do when you get involved and no student should feel like a number because even though the classes may be big the professors make everybody feel like they count. Plus Illinois state university is fun.


the great people that live there and the beauty and size of the campus


The campus is great! It's small and easy to get anywhere. Illinois State is like a community on its own; you know a lot of people and those people know many others that you may end up meeting. ISU is a diverse campus. Everybody here is nice. Also, this school has great programs such as the Psychology program and the Education program!


I normal brag about the good reputation Illinos State University has for its Education programs, and how much I love the school.


How nice the campus and classes are.


I don't think I brag much about my school. The quad is beautiful nearly year round, peaking in the fall when the leaves change colors. I like that the faculty members of my major are very involved in our success as students, but I do not feel that is how it is with all majors.


i brag about how well our living situations are. i love the dorms, you get to meet so many new people. Also the quad is a really big thing on campus. so many students come out to play games or just sit and talk. the quad is what i first loved about this school, other than its amazing education progam.


I brag about my fun job. I work as a phogorapher for the school. I also brag about how great my teachers and fellow classmates are.


Even though we are a larger school our campus is still considerbly small, it only takes 10 minutes to get anywhere you need to go max.


I brag most about hanging out with the new friends that I have made.


I tell my friends that I am lucky to have taken many interesting classes with great professors thus far.


How it is not too big and not too small, I have made many great friends and i really enjoy myself here.


How I lucked out in going to Illinois State University because it is one of the better schools for future teachers, which i plan on becoming.


I brag about the performance of our athletics program and the attendance at the sporting events. Our Men's and Women's Basketball team are really good and the student sections are filled almost every game. The athletes here are also very easy to recognize and talk to. It's fun talking to them and learning about what a student-athlete goes through. If you love sports, this is the school to attend.


How close it is to home and how much fun i am having on the weekends with friends