Illinois Wesleyan University Top Questions

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Our school is a community in itself. We have banded together in a recent time of need and tragedy. We are friends with eachother and support even those on campus we have never met before.


Illinois Wesleyan University is unique in many ways. We have rigorous academic classes that will challenge you to learn and apply all that you discover in and out of class. The professors here go above and beyond by making a point to know you personally and to help you succeed in every way possible. Our athletics teams are top notch and minimally interfere with scholastic agendas. Opportunities for tutoring, study abroad, internships, jobs and more are readily avaliable. We have over 170 clubs and offer volunteer opportunities in and around the community. Be a Titan, be yourself, at Illinois Wesleyan.


It is a small school that places the emphasis on the students.


There where two reasons that I chose Illinois Wesleyan. I wanted to look at the nursing school and the type of education the graduates recieved as well as the plans post graduation. I have not heard of one student who didn't pass the post graduation exams to be considered a Registered Nurse and all the upperclassman I have talked to have said that there is no fear of not finding a job post-graduation. Also, there is no other nursing program that allows students to minor in Spanish and take immersion classes for an international approach to healthcare.