Immaculata University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our university is full of traditions. Three of my favorites are Midnight Breakfast, Carol Night, and Christmas Banquet. Midnight Breakfast happens twice a year during finals week. It occurs at night, usually starting at about 9 pm until usually 11pm. It's a time when various faculty and staff make food, specifically breakfast food, for the students. Not only is the food amazing, but it's a chance to take a break from studying for finals and really just have some fun. The cafeteria is packed during Midnight Breakfast and it's great to just eat good food, take a break, and hang out with friends. Carol Night is one of most cherished of all of the traditions on campus. The university puts up a large Christmas tree in the rotunda of Villa Maria hall. It's a beautiful sight to see. On Carol Night, past and present members of the Immaculata community gather together and surround the tree on all levels of the rotunda. Musical groups of the university lead the crowd in singing various Christmas carols. The whole thing is broadcasted over the radio. Seniors play a special role in Carol Night and have a chance to carry baby Jesus into the rotunda and place Him under the tree in his manger. The seniors, dressed in their academic attire, surround the tree with candles. What's great about Carol Night is that so many people make it a tradition to come back to year after year. It's a chance for family to come together and really remember the true meaning of Christmas. Finally, I love Christmas Banquet because it's great food, it's a chance to get into the Christmas spirit, and it's a great time to have with friends and faculty. Wherever Banquet is held, the place is always decorated and everyone's so happy because it's Christmas time.


Education, student teaching programs, music, music therapy, national women's basketball championship team of 1972


my school is best know for it once being an all girls school


Religious classes and basketball.