Immaculata University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?




Freshman year flies by. It may be one of the easiest years in terms of work load, depending on your high school experiences and major, but your first year is the basis for the rest of your college career. Who you choose as your group of friends, what decided to become involved in, how you present yourself all matter that first year. However, it is important to remember everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is at a new place, away from friends and family, establishing a new life. Freshman year may not be the hardest year in terms of academics because of all of the core classes you need to take, but it is the year when some of the best memories are made.


I wish I had been a little more aquainted with how colleges operate in terms of grade point averages and honors. If I had know what it takes to make honors to graduate and the standard or their Dean's List I may have tries harder during my freshman and sophomore years.


Before coming to this school I wish I would have known more about the environment during the weekends. Being a student that is far away from home I knew I would be staying on campus over the weekends, and I wish I had known about the fact that alot of people that come to this school go home on the weekends. As long as any future student gets involved like I did, then they will have no problem with the lack of people that stay on weekends. As long as any future student gets involved they will love Immaculata University.


Before I came to this school I wish I knew how finals and midterms were going to be. Also I wished I realized that doing homework was going to help me unlike in high school where I didn't have to focus on homework because the classes were easy. I wish I knew how my math classes were going to be so I could have been more prepared to take higher level math classes for my major.


Before enrolling at Immaculata University I wish I had a better knowledge of the history of the institution. The campus is rich in historical facts, academic achievements, and athletic accomplishments. The accomplishments of the students and professors before me continue to drive my will to succeed and one up them. For anyone with brothers and or sisters, the feeling of competitiveness experienced between a sibliing resembles the ever present competitiveness on campus. Immaculata will transform a student's mindset on life: they will make their mistakes look gracious, learn lessons from their wrongs, and look as good as their oulook.


Honestly, I would not have wanted to know anything that I did not already know prior to attending this school. I feel like my first year of college was a definate learning experience, not only acedemically, but emotionally and socially as well. I made many mistakes and suffered the consequences of those mistakes, but as a result, I undoubtedly grew as a person and became better and more aware of who I am, and in my opinion, that is more valuable than anything taught in a classroom.


I wish i had known my roomate and how to pack for school, but other than that I don't think i had any questions left unanswerd before i came here.


i wish that i had known how fun it would really be and that i should have not worried about it at all.


I wish I had known that not all classes for my major would be available each semester, so it would be harder to know when I will graduate.