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IRSC is unique, because of its conveinent locations and reasonable tuition rates.

Marie Marcelle

Indian River State College is a very good school with a large diversity of expert teachers who are devoted to tranfer their knowledge to students.


IRSC is in a convenient location in relation to my home, and this school offers such a wide variety of classes for every interest. The classes are much more affordable than at other schools I was considering. I do not have to pay housing at the college either, which saves an enormous amount of money. The teachers are extremely helpful and truely want the students to succeed. I am very proud to be a part of Indian River State College.


Our campus is a hands on campus. Our classes are smaller, our teachers take time for you.


I have not been to other schools to be able to give an accurate comparison as the similarities and differences between IRSC and other colleges.


This one is a lot more open and professiona that some of the other arts collleges that I would have selected. And it carries it self as a college that can actually help their student and trys its hardest to teach you as much as possible so I am not stuck with just one trade. And affordibility is also put into concideration as my college its hard to believe, now that I look at it, that I was actually going to try to go to a 69,000 dollar college.


There wasn't anything unique about the school. I chose it because it was less expensive and close enough to where I could live at home.


Indian River State College, formally named Indian River Community College is not only one of the top rated colleges, but also, it has one of its branch locations in my home town. It is the Mueller Campus. Therefore, I do not have to spend a lot of money on the high price of gas to get to class. Another unique quality of this college is that I work in the Academic Support Center as a student aid. I love my job and workmates. There are probably more unique features, but these are the top on my list of uniqueness.


I didn't consider any other schools because IRSC was the closest to home and the best on financial matters for me.


This class sizes are smaller at about 30 students or smaller sizes teacher to student ratios. Its very unique that the teachers care about every students, at IRSC students come first. They staff helps the students through out there college education the best they know how.


My College allowed for me to stay close to my family. I don't have to worry about going far to come home for the holidays. My family, friends, and boyfriend are there for me when I need them. I won't have to make a phone call because I can just go see them. Another unique thing is that my school has other locations that I could go to. For example, If I moved to Okeechobee I could got to the campus that is in Okeechobee.




One thing that stood out to me when I took a school tour was how clean it was. The people who showed me around was very helpful knew the school very well and helped me with the classes I would need to be taking toward my major. Another reason was because at the time, they were the only school to have hands on medical classes. The other schools I visited were four year universities, and I would have loved to attend one but I wanted to succed with good graded coming out of my freshman and sophmore year.


Our college will be celebrating it's 50th anniversary in 2010, Indian River State College opened it's doors as Indian River Junior College in 1960, changed its name to Indian River Community College in 1970 and became Indian River State College on July 1, 2008. IRSC serves Florida's St. Luice, Martin, Indian River and Okeechobee counties as the region's premier institution for higher education, emphasizing quality and accessibility at reasonable cost. Serving over 34,000 students annually, IRSC offers different degrees like Bachelor's Degree programs, Associate in arts Degree programs for university transfer, Associate Science Degree